Episode 65 – The Tribe at the End of Time

(aka the last 2012 panel discussion ever!)

The Hopi Indian myths tell of a final age of Mankind, where a RAINBOW TRIBE shall appear of all peoples, all colors as one. The Mayans have their cosmogenesis telling of the shift coming in 2012 when the Fifth World was born, and even Australian Aborigines have their DREAMTIME mythos.
Ethnobotanist and philosopher Terence McKenna helped fuel the idea of Dec 21st, 2012, as a 'Strange Attractor at the End of Time'...

And here we all are, the latest in a long line of youth cultures affected by our relationship with the Earth and the deeper, Gaian consciousness that birthed us... Is Global Trance Culture a bridge between previous youth movements and something even older peaking in waves throughout His-story? What can we do to sacralize our dance, to empower our hearts, and to connect with these potent times to make a difference? Are we the ones we've been waiting for…?

Join experiential journalist Rak Razam on this provocative tribal discussion panel held Thursday 15th Nov 2011, at the Eclipse 2012 Festival in Far North Queensland, Australia, with guest speakers Even Dawn, Mark Heley, Chiara Beclu, Maha Lakshmi Grace and Charles Shaw.

Photo: Adam Taylor

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Originally aired on: Nov 23, 2012