Episode 123 – Is the Microbiome Psychedelic?

Experiential journalist Rak Razam chats with Caitlin Thompson, the Aware Project San Diego liaison and founder of EntheoZen.com and a wellness spokesperson, about psychedelics as a novel approach to immune conditions. What is the microbiology of the nervous system, and how do neurotransmitters send information?

Caitlin shares her journey to wellness, her understanding of the science of psychedelics, and how it relates to our health and well-being. Clinical psychedelic research focuses on EEG, MRI and the mind, but what role do tryptamines play in the endogenous consciousness of the mind, body and soul? Do tryptamines like N, N, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT act as psychedelic immunomodulators?

Are auto-immune conditions where the body attacks itself a metaphor for the way humans are poisoning the earth? Are humans just rogue microorganisms in the Gaian biome? Science says we have three brains: stomach, gut-brain/heart brain with neuronal cells and the mind/ brain.

Do our microbiomes have a representation of the astral/energetic level that can be revealed by tryptamines? Does the microbiome receive the broadcast consciousness signal of Source that the ego of the brain filters out? Is the microbiome essentially psychedelic and also affected by our ingestion of psychedelics? And how does this relate to the Amazonian shamanic perspective?

Find more about Caitlin at: www.EntheoZen.com and the Aware project San Diego: www.meetup.com/Aware-Project-Ret…edelics-San-Diego

Originally aired on: Aug 1, 2017