Episode 117 – Heart Medicine

An intimate conversation about the medicine path, art, iboga and love above all with author Elizabeth Bast and experiential journalist Rak Razam. Elizabeth wrote Heart Medicine: A True Love Story, One Couple's Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine & The Cure For Addiction. Come share her beautiful and uplifting story of awakening with her partner Chor Boogie.

What is iboga, the ancient African entheogen and ibogaine, the chemical extracted from it? How can it be used to treat addiction and trauma? Does it connect to the ancestor spirits, and what messages can we learn? How does it differ from other entheogens like ayahuasca? How can these medicines be integrated into Western understanding? Listen to this deeply personal and transformative story of one woman's journey to iboga and the medicine path. 

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Originally aired on: Feb 2, 2017