Episode 11 – Everybody loves Breeyan

Breeyan (Brian, but he's French) is my mate, and sometimes we like to get together and talk about girls. It's relationship counseling 101 from a guy's POV, with a journalist who likes to ask the right questions, so here Breeyan bares his soul to experiential podcaster Rak Razam over dinner with his housemates... Hot chicks with great bods, Russian Valley girls, the ins and outs of the first date, toe-sucking, rimming, affection, heavy petting, ex-partners... acknowledging energy and physical exchanges... "Penetration doesn't have to mean sex", Breeyan says as he tells the world the secrets of French lovemaking... Is this LOVE? This episode is a delicate flower in blossom... dare you tune in?

Originally aired on: Oct 26, 2009