5-Bar Consciousness: DNA Activation Evolution



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Apr 23, 2017



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We are living in dire times of planetary crisis with runaway global warming now having crossed eight of the 10 major tipping points and extreme weather the new normal. The events of today are repercussions of the state of consciousness we have and how we engage with the planetary organism. Entheogens – psychoactives grown by nature are one way to reconnect and rejoin the planetary network. The planet herself is reaching out to these other aspects of herself – to other humans – and trying to wake them up and to mediate them by saying: “Hey if you re-engage with these substances, you will get a very short sharp wake-up call and plug straight back into the planetary matrix”.

Rejoining the Planetary Matrix

The universe is alive and intelligent and is conspiring against you, but for your best interests. (...) You are a part of the universe, and it's trying to blossom itself. It's trying to self-organize and to understand itself through the constructs of its species.

Now I’m not saying people need to take psychedelics or entheogens like ayahuasca en masse: plant medicine is a choice, just as other modalities like breath work, meditation, etc are. One of the refrains from the 60s was that “if you put LSD in the water supply and everyone just switched on, the world would suddenly be a better place”. But you can't do that to people. You can't force people to awaken. On a soul level, everyone will awaken when they're ready, and this is the time, the generation, and the moment.

Whether you like it or not, whether you want to remain asleep or not, you cannot remain ignorant of the fact that we are undergoing a planetary emergency. And all of this is a trigger for a deepening of our spiritual experience because this is the natural process. DNA is designed to respond to its environment and the needs on the ground through evolutionary adaptation. 

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If you live in a small little white cubicle for 8-10 hours a day and go home to another small little cubicle and you’re not feeling the wind, not feeling the grass under your feet, not connecting with nature, not getting sunlight… you are not getting fed. You are not getting the signal processing from nature herself, which activates and mediates your consciousness. You're not getting vitamin D. You're probably getting depressed, essentially by living in crowded cities. We're living in a dysfunctional cultural groove, and we're not in concert with nature, but we are nature; it's just that we're in a disconnect from that.

Nature seems to be reaching for the emergency brakes, and culturally these substances are helping us become aware again. In Western culture, the problem is there's a large potential for commodification and misuse. If the import of these substances does not also come with the right relationship, the right container, the ritual, the ceremony and the right approach… than it can be disastrous. Which is essentially what in the West mystery schools used to teach when they had these initiations and the cultural context for these substances.

We have created this web of technology as a skin on the planet which is part of the biological process of Gaia herself evolving. The next layer of not just telecommunications, but of sentience and awareness of herself…

Entheogens as a Planetary Initiation

I know this may sound weird, but it's like these things are very deep initiations. These entheogenic substances have been grown by nature to connect with us humans, to bring us back into the web of life, and bring us back into the right relationship. To help us remember what we have forgotten. And they are very, very deep initiations.

The real cultural, evolutionary, and ecological crisis is a planetary initiation and it happens in stages. Many different indigenous cultures point to the idea of world ages, or different phases of time – and in those different phases of time, we have different levels of consciousness.

The Mayan culture had many different calendricals. One of those was looking at a deeper sort of galactic level of orbits of the Earth and our relationship to the galaxy, and our relationship to the center of our galaxy, which they called Hunab Ku (translated as the Womb of the Great Mother). In 2002, NASA confirmed that at the center of our galaxy is a black hole. Science says nothing escapes a black hole, except some energy goes around the event horizon and is galaxy wide jets of plasma are ejected, combining with space dust and other elements to combust and birth stars. 

Now, if you look at modern astrophysics, it seems that ancients were right, that the center of our galaxy is the Womb of the Great Mother that births suns into being. The ancient Maya also said it was the center of consciousness, and it's funny because the singularity of a black hole is also what modern quantum physics posits could be at the center of every atom.

One of the theories of consciousness itself is that if it's not something just created by the brain and the mechanism of the biological being, i.e., the brain doesn’t just create consciousness but receives consciousness. Imagine that: consciousness is a broadcast signal that our brains receive, like a tv or radio. If that is true then it lends more weight to indigenous cultures like the Mayans' understanding of seasons of time and world ages – the seasons of consciousness.

Through this stepping stone of lab-based chemicals, we have been invited back to the garden. We have been invited back to the understanding that there is a multi-dimensional ecology that we are part of that affects us ongoingly; that we are in a relationship with it.

5-Bar Consciousness

It's almost as if we've gone down to one bar consciousness in modern terminologies because we're in what different cultures called the Kali Yuga or an Iron Age or a time of consciousness that is degraded and not receiving full signal. There have been other times in the turning of the world ages where we've had golden ages around the world, and that essentially would be a five-bar signal, a “five-bar galactic god-head signal”.

According to the Mayan calendars, the Western year 2012 ended one world age and started the beginning of another. We reset and went back to the beginning of the next galactic cycle. Nowadays there are many signs in global culture of the end of things, the end of unsustainable paradigms and systems of being. But this is also the prelude to the beginning of new things. Time will continue, the planet will continue, this great ecological crisis that we are in is a cultural crisis which is part and parcel of this sense of the ego and separation from Mother nature for the last 10,000+ years.

We can move towards these modalities and these states of being and remember this capacity of deeper consciousness we have within ourselves. We don't need the external catalyst of these shamanic medicines. We are shamanic medicine, and this is what our family in the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and the mineral kingdom are all telling us. They're saying: “Humans, you are divine beings; you can awaken to this potential within yourself.”

I see that the shamanic paradigm unfolding in the West is a phase state or a stepping stone of reclaiming our endogenous ability to learn how to lock in these pathways within ourselves. Thanks to the training wheels of planetary psychoactive medicines, we can once again get a 5-bar signal. 

Key takeaways

  • On a soul level, everyone will awaken when they're ready.
  • Many different indigenous cultures point to the idea of world ages, of the fact that we go through different phases of time and in those different phases of time, we have different levels of consciousness.
  • It's not the brain just creating consciousness, but receiving consciousness.
  • We have this capacity to go towards these modalities and these states of being and to remember this capacity within ourselves, and we don't need the external catalyst.