5-MeO-DMT: A Reality Masterclass


Allen Saakyan

Date of original publication

May 29, 2018



Talking points


Mythologizing the shamans


We’re both producing and receiving consciousness


Breaking the habit of ego


Where 5-MeO-DMT comes from


Reactivate your signal


Weaving the higher energies back into the Earth


The purpose of the simulation

What is 5-MeO-DMT, and amongst all the psychedelics nature has created, why is it so vitally important to our spiritual awakening? The answer lies in the mind and our ego, which filter and separate us from the web of life. You could say history is the story of our separation from the intelligence of nature and now over thousands of years that wounded ego has devoured the resources of the planet, threatening to destroy us all.

5-MeO has been nicknamed “The God Molecule” and is embedded throughout nature, including human beings. It lowers the ego and reveals the mystery behind the mind, the oceanic God-consciousness we come from and go back to.

To understand why 5-MeO-DMT is so important, one must understand our reality and how psychedelics lift the veil of baseline consciousness. We must also understand the crucible of nature, why she makes psychedelic compounds, and how they modulate our consciousness

Why Do We Feel Disconnected From The World?

Why do we no longer understand or feel that we ARE as connected to the planet as perhaps indigenous peoples are? Our civilizational march has been to remove ourselves from nature to create culture – a cult – from the resource depletion of our ecosystem. Over thousands of years our egoic mind has hoarded, taken, protected, and, like a bloom that has gone all across the planet, it's now taking more than it gives back because it no longer feels the connection to nature, or life. It's protecting itself from reality because of that disconnect. And yet, what is this ego-mind, and how does it separate us from the totality of existence?

I mean, “spiritual awakening” is just a bumper sticker phrase, right, until you feel it, until you own it, until you start asking the questions that you don't even know what the answers are, but you can't stop asking them…

What is 5-MeO-DMT?

5-MeO-Dimethyltryptamine is like a neurotransmitter threaded all through nature from the plant to the animal kingdom, and it is in human beings, too. Whilst it has been available as a lab-based chemical for decades, its popularity in the global shamanic underground has peaked in the last few years with the rediscovery of large amounts of 5-MeO in the glands of the Bufo alvarius toad, which lives in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico and over into Arizona.

There are over 400 species of toads in the world, but the Bufo alvarius is the only one that contains 5-MeO-DMT, alongside 17 to 20 different trace chemicals in its glands. The indigenous tribes of Sonora do not have a proven historical lineage like there is with ayahuasca in the Amazon. Still, there is a modern lineage of Mexican facilitators using it in the last decade and exporting the awareness of the toad and 5-MeO back into the West, piggybacking on the popularity of ayahuasca and other entheogens.

It feels like it's time for this because the experience of 5-MeO is an ultimate ego-dissolver back into the white light of Source consciousness.

Like other psychedelics, 5-MeO-DMT may lower the brain's Default Mode Network. It also affects the frontal and parietal lobes, reducing the electrical activity (and the ego) and increasing coherence to the point of hyper-coherence. All the brain's network activity comes online, and the ego drops out of the picture. This way, it arrives at what decades of meditation practice can do to quieten the mind and reduce the ego.

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Dissolving the Ego and Connecting to a Greater Reality

Now you don't want to kill the ego – you need the ego, but the ego needs to know it's not in control.

We are not our ego; we have more capacity and bandwidth in our hearts and minds and beings than just intellectual egoic functionality. In both Chinese medicine and indigenous understanding they say we have an energetic, emotional, and physical body (and finer gradations in different mappings).

Humans store their stresses and traumas as we go through life and it stalls in the energetic body. It comes into the emotional body, all the heartaches and woe, and at those nexus points with the physical body, that's where sicknesses often develop. So, when the mind lets go, we lower the defences and release any trapped energies for healing and preparation for the ultimate ego release back into the oceanic oneness of Source consciousness.

Tryptamines potentially open the dreaming every night in sleep and at peak experiences like birth, death and near-death experiences. And 5-MeO-DMT is potentially the king of psychedelic compounds, and it is endogenous to human beings. I call 5-MeO-DMT “God's Factory Reset” because it's like a complete refresh that potentially aligns you with your inner self, and you receive the signal – I call it a “galactivation".

Coming Home to Understanding Who and What We Really Are

Einstein said the level of consciousness which caused the problem is not going to be the consciousness which solves the problem. If we can understand that all of history is the canvas of our trauma and that if we're trying to save the world from a place of egoic consciousness, we're going to be trying to solve a million little problems. But all of those problems are actually a product of our consciousness.

So, suppose we can come back to our center individually and collectively and come back to feeling and come back to the heart and come back to compassion and come back home? When the little drop remembers it’s the ocean of Source consciousness within, then that emanation coming out of us can solve everything from its interconnected unity and understanding. We're not saving the world – the world is saving itself through us, by re-engaging our relationship. Because that's the only fundamental problem: we're disconnected from the Truth.

The best maps I've seen for this are the Indian Vedic maps of Samadhi – their sense of liberation or oneness, that sense of non-dual unity consciousness where they say what we think of as the “mind”, or the “ego” are the Vritti: like wind on water, like ripples: busy, busy, always thinking – even when you're falling asleep, still thinking, we're never free of it. And so, when that egoic mind lowers, we can go deeper into the ocean of the mind itself, what the Vedic maps call Satva: the depth of the ocean of mind itself, and we can reach Atman, or our true nature.

The Drop Rejoins the Ocean

So as the brain-mind goes down, the heart and the stomach-gut-instinct remain. Those networks stay on because they’re older than the brain-mind, and they open up and connect to everything in the unity field. They feel the signal, and that feeling is like the heart of a star. It's like the Sufi poet Rumi when he said: “you are not the drop, you are the ocean in the drop.”

When our individual nature of holding on and thinking we are separate lowers and just surrenders and lets go, it opens up this capacity within ourselves for the drop of our individual consciousness to remember the collective ocean consciousness. And this is within us. It's like Buddha nature within us: this is what all the Eastern mystic texts have been saying – and it is now firmly within our grasp to access very rapidly with the power of 5-MeO-DMT. 

As more and more people come online and have their activations through whatever method: through breathwork or tantra or 5-MeO-DMT, it's like more and more people are connecting into a “samadhi mesh network”: the signal gets stronger the more people that have this experience.

Five-Bar Signal Cosmic Consciousness

Things are getting really interesting now here on Earth, and a civilizational and ecological emergency is escalating. We're seeing the direct consequences of our egoic thinking, our separation and neglect of consequences in the web of life we are embedded in. It's not looking good – but don't attach to the outside form – come back to the feeling, come back to the heart, come back to compassion and your true nature.

The emergency has the potential for our collective emergence. It's almost as if in the season of consciousness we're now in we're receiving a five-bar signal, where for the last 12,000+ years, it’s been degraded and dropping signal. It's perfect. Everything is perfectly orchestrated because everything is incredibly interconnected in the unity field. It’s all One. And it’s happening for us, not to us.

I believe that Source consciousness didn't make the whole reality just to watch it from the outside like another episode of the Kardashians… it's grooming our vessels to inhabit our consciousness to then express its consciousness… we're not just connected to IT – we are IT, and it's starting to get very juicy here on planet Earth…

Coming Home, Full Circle

Over 60 years since the first Psychedelic Revolution, the medicalization of psychedelics is coming back as a technology to help us heal the mental ailments of a sick world. But just as the world herself is sick and changing, and so is our consciousness.

Psychedelics aren’t just something you take – with 5-MeO-DMT in the human body, we have the potential to BE psychedelic naturally and endogenously. We can open to the full spectrum of consciousness that has always been there, that we've shut the aperture through our trauma.

If we can trust the process, we can re-sensitize, and we can rediscover that vibration and the love which is at the heart of everything and is the whole point of everything.

The aperture of our ability to tune into the signal has been closed over time. Now it's slowly being reopened again through the training wheels of external psychedelics and entheogens to reveal that we are the medicine!

And 5-MeO-DMT has a vital role to play in this awakening process.

Key takeaways

  • “The God Molecule”, or 5-MeO-DMT, is embedded throughout nature, including in human beings, and it’s an excellent tool for lowering the ego.
  • 5-MeO-DMT reveals the mystery behind the mind, the oceanic God-consciousness we come from and go back to.
  • There are over 400 species of toads in the world, but the Bufo alvarius is the only one that contains 5-MeO-DMT, alongside 17 to 20 different trace chemicals in its glands.
  • We are not our ego; we have more capacity and bandwidth in our hearts and minds and beings than just intellectual egoic functionality.
  • We're not saving the world – the world is saving itself through us by re-engaging the relationship with us.
  • We have to come back to the feeling, come back to the heart, come back to compassion and our true nature.