Episode 97 – Being Martin

Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and author, visionary artist, musician, podcaster and entheogenic explorer Martin Ball, Ph.D., as they engage in a far-reaching discussion about entheogens, DMT, "radical nonduality," and the Mind of GOD. Ball is one of the pre-eminent experts on 5-MeO-DMT, having written about it in his book Being Human and other books like Being Infinite. Sacred icons like Terence McKenna, the shamanic paradigm, entities and the ego's projections are dissected.

Should we evolve the ego, not eliminate it, in altered states? What is Mirrored Bilateral Symmetry, and how does tryptamine activation express itself in this symmetry in our body? Is this the origin of yogic mudras and asanas? Do fractals point to a language of the Divine? Is God lonely? Listen to this rare meeting of minds as Razam and Ball compare experiential field notes on their 5-MeO-DMT journeys and discuss Ball's theory of The "Entheological Paradigm," a Grand Unified Theory of all of reality from God to the direct experience of each human being.

For more info: www.martinball.net/ 

And for more information about Ball's nondual understanding of the nature of being and the role of entheogens in cultivating personal awareness, visit his site: The Entheological Paradigm

Originally aired on: May 28, 2015