Episode 132 – Toad Man

Join experiential journalist Rak Razam, documentary filmmaker, co-founder of Medicina Sagrada CMX and medicine man Mario Garner as they discuss the Bufo Alvarius toad, 5MEO-DMT, Source Consciousness and the unfolding of the divine in these times…

Mario has worked with indigenous Mexican collectors of the Bufo medicine and the tribes in the Sonoran desert to teach them the value and sanctity of the toad and has helped weave together disparate threads into a vibrant Mexico City toad tribe. What is the next step for the unity the toad can reveal when anchored in the community?

Is the 5-MeO molecule activating consciousness in the human species, like a divine pollinator? Listen as they discuss the ethics, politics and growth vectors of this most powerful of medicines, and talk about the early days of the toad in Mexico, the common experiences of coming into common unity, the need for integration and the duty of care we all share in this evolution.

For more information, see CDMX Bufo Alvarius Medicina Sagrada, www.facebook.com/BufoAlvariusCDMX/ and www.youtube.com/channel/UCIWNmalEwvx1BDujpKpSqEw and the forthcoming World Bufo Alvarius Conference 2018 that Mario is the Director of.

Originally aired on: Apr 1, 2018