Episode 56 – Towards an Organic Singularity

Experiential journalist Rak Razam talks with Kilindi, an African-American warrior-teacher who works with psilocybin mushrooms as entheogenic guides in mapping the inner realms. Where Terence McKenna posited five dried grams as the 'heroic dose', Kilindi regularly takes 20-30 dried grams and goes deeper than most people have experienced, right to the core bardos of existence. His background in martial arts /warfare training colors his approach to exploring inner space, drawing upon his African ur-shamanism lineage.

What are the dangers of colonizing the invisible landscape and encountering interdimensional entities? Could territorial battles result in a 'West Bank of hyperspace?' as humans found 'interdimensional villages'? Does the mushroom access an interdimensional library of translinguistic information that underpins our physical reality? Does it have an agenda, and are we ourselves being absorbed by its mycelium consciousness? Join this fascinating discussion about high doses towards an organic singularity as humans re-engineer themselves into higher consciousness by synergizing the morphogenic field through the mycelium network.

For more information on Kilidi, see The Tamerrian Institute.

Photo: Adam Taylor and mushroom pics Gerhard Hillman

Originally aired on: Feb 7, 2012