Episode 145 – Such is Life

Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and his fellow Ayahuasca: Awakenings retreat guests on a post-ceremony freeform download basking in the afterglow of madre ayahuasca. Open to the mysteries of life and the simple joy of a brand new day as we shoot the breeze and discuss ego dissolution, Global Smurf Awakening, trust, God, Gaia and the web of life, purging and release and the shining truth of Something versus Nothing!

Are we mythical creatures, part of imaginary storytelling itself? How do we deal with the knowledge that ayahuasca can bring? Listen to the birds, the trees, and the sky as it all sings the song of creation... this is an immersive episode held at the DAS ayahuasca center https://ayahuasca-healing-das.org with Percy Garcia Lozano, curandero, in the aftermath of an ayahuasca ceremony June 30th, 2019. Blessings on your path...

Originally aired on: Jun 2, 2019