Episode 129 – Holy Man

A rollicking rollercoaster of a ride between Tulum and Cancun with experiential journalist Rak Razam and guest Dr. Joseph Barsuglia. Join us for a fly-on-the-wall conversation that bridges the worlds between psychedelia and policy, academia, medicine and religion, from 5-MeO-DMT to endogenous mystical states. What does it mean to worship in our modern, secular age?

If entheogens trigger a divine impulse, how does that relate to faith? Can we cultivate the art of Divine Listening and a relationship with the Source within? Can we cure addictions by integrating the mind, body and spirit?

Joseph was the director of the Crossroads Ibogaine clinic, working to cure addictions. Here we explore healing and trauma release modalities, the vagus nerve, psychedelic therapy, and somatic intelligence. Can the disconnection of addiction be healed by connecting the spiritual experience?

For more information, see www.josephbarsuglia.com and PubMed and Research Gate, search for Joseph Barsuglia.

With BIG thanks to Adam of The Sonic Root.com for filtering some of this audio–recorded in a noisy van–and making it a little more listenable! Thanks to the listeners, too, for their understanding, we captured gold here, and sometimes you have to dig for it!

Originally aired on: Feb 1, 2018