Episode 127 – 5-MeO

Experiential journalist Rak Razam hosts a robust community discussion on the role, importance and shape of 5-MeO-DMT in modern culture from the Somara Shamanic Medicine Forum, Feb 2016. With Shannon Kempster, Maya Waken, Dean Jefferys, Dan Schreiber and Jewelli Deva. What is the connection between the Mexican Sonoran desert toad and the legendary yage of Amazonian tribes? What role does bufotenine play in the 5-MeO neurochemical cocktail in plants and toads?

Unified field. Source consciousness. Home: what celestial cartography do these catalysts reveal? Is this the return of DreaMTime consciousness? Are there any significant differences between synthetic and organic 5-MeO or plant-based and toad-based 5-MeO? Do repeated doses of 5-MeO make one more sensitive to the medicine and to the ceremony of life itself? How do we keep open the endogenous pathways that the medicine can reveal? Recorded and shared by Kent Holloway.

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Originally aired on: Dec 1, 2017