Space Weather: A Talk with Susan Joy Rennison


Rak Razam

Date of original publication

July 27, 2011


The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.  —Confucius

Susan Joy Rennison is the author of Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution and a physics and geophysics lecturer who focuses on the emerging science of space weather. Rennison rigorously references a wide array of recent discoveries in astrophysics and beyond that point to a plasma-electrical universe that is directly affecting life on earth now. In this far ranging interview with Rak Razam she also weaves in a solid metaphysical understanding of the spiritual implications for this energy transformation, mapping it against indigenous mythology and experiential practice.

Rak Razam: Susan perhaps you could tell us a little bit about yourself before we get into some of the far ranging ideas that you have written about.

Susan Joy Rennison:  Well I basically have an honors degree in physics and geophysics, but I then moved into computing for about ten years. And then I was offered the opportunity with my ex-husband to move from the UK into Italy to become an expatriate. And so from that time, about 1997 I’ve lived abroad from the UK. I’m a seeker of the truth, that’s what I call myself. I’ve spent most of my life reading and wanting to understand my reality. I’m quite a quiet person, I’m not a great social networker or anything like that; I’ve spent a lot of time seeking.

I’m one of these people — the way that my mind works I have to understand and integrate… I’ll learn one thing and then it has to slot into what I already know. This is who I am as a person I don’t give myself airs and graces. I think it’s important that people do know I have academic qualifications. But primarily my main focus is the integration of science and metaphysics. That’s what I’ve spent my whole life doing and trying to understand my reality. To me that is very important. And at the moment things are so crazy with our reality, its even more important!

Well to come back to your work, it seems that the whole paradigm of space weather and what it tells us about our universe is rapidly changing now. A lot of your writing brings together quite disparate scientific evidence that has been documented and verified, but never brought together into a unified paradigm. You quote Dr McComas, principal investigator on NASA’s IBEX mission, who says: “These discoveries about the outer fringe of our solar system come at a time when new NASA revelations have piled up so fast and so frequently that our paradigm is completely changing again and again without the general public even really being aware. […] It’s a whole new ball game in space.”

I could not have understood what was taking place without the work that has been done by people that call themselves “electric universe theorists”. I’m very grateful because the whole understanding of plasma, of the universe being filled with particles, some of which we can detect, and the fact that they are controlled by electro-magnetic fields — I couldn’t have come to the conclusions I’ve come to without that knowledge. And these people are considered to be heretics. Cosmologists and astronomers have considered these people to be completely crazy and yet, now with the whole issue of space weather…

People who run satellite and communication companies are not interested in gravity. They want to understand why their satellites are being zapped in space, the fact that there are these flows of charged energy in space — their satellites are basically being electrified or zapped. So they want to understand what’s going on and how they can protect their satellites, they have no interest in old theories based on gravity.

Well lets just look at the basics here. What is the definition — what is space weather?

Space weather is basically the changing parameters, the changing solar wind, the interplanetary magnetic field. Basically the change of the conditions in space. And very often rapid change is what the problem is. We have a bunch of satellites in space monitoring the conditions, how many charged particles are flowing through, what type of charged particles, the strength of the magnetic field, all these parameters create an environment. And at the moment we have times where it’s like a hurricane in space with the volume of energy that’s passing through in a very short space of time. So it’s like weather, but its really charged particles.

I guess it’s no coincidence then that the weather on earth appears to be going so chaotic and is intensified at the moment, it’s reflecting the heavens above as well.

NASA and the space agencies, the world controllers, they’ve had this issue of wanting people to think that there’s no connection between what’s going on down on earth and what’s going on in the heavens. There seems to be a traditional view to separate the two. And that is now impossible with space weather. I think it’s because we have had cataclysms on this planet before. It’s driven by events from space. But to create a stable society the view has been to ignore any kind of interaction between space and our planet. Scientists have been saying for a very long time that earthquakes are caused by changes in the celestial environment.

The whole thing with astrology, this sort of dismissal… Astrology is about these huge planets and their electromagnetic impact on this planet. Its the same thing with the moon as well, how changes in the positions of these huge bodies in space can actually have an impact on earth. Even though there’s been many many studies and research by creditable scientists, the view has been just to ignore that.

But it’s getting to the stage now where we can’t ignore it because the environment in space has been completely changed. There’s far more energy in space now so when you have these planetary alignments it’s much more obvious that something’s going to happen, like we’re going to have an earthquake, and it’s much more likely to happen now.

So perhaps we’re all becoming aware now, or at least the scientists, that the earth and the sun are interconnected in a very dynamic relationship. You say in one of the PDF presentations on your website that in June 2010, a NASA press release entitled: As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather, opened with the unequivocal statement: “Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that’s new to human history.” Richard Fisher, head of NASA’s Heliophysics Division stated: “I believe we’re on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather. We take this very seriously indeed.”  So NASA — the top of the scientific food chain, is really looking at the idea of space weather very, very seriously.

I was just amazed by that quote because I felt like I was very much on my own coming out with this whole concept [of space weather]. We haven’t really understood what the Mayan elders were trying to tell us. They were saying that we’re entering a new period where life on earth is going to be dominated by the aether. They had their esoteric understanding and I’ve felt that this was more than an esoteric idea, this was an actuality.

The energy that surrounds and actually penetrates our planet, this is going to change. Space weather is the answer. The problem that the Mayan elders have got is that a lot of their knowledge has been lost. They’ve just got bits and pieces of their knowledge that they’ve retained over thousands and thousands of years, they don’t have everything. What I’ve tried to do in my analysis is to pull information in from many different sources.

There’s information from Vedic seers, Mayan elders, metaphysical information that’s coming through the metaphysical community today, esoteric information, information that’s been retained in monuments… I tried to put that all together and as far as I was concerned I felt that the messages were all warning us about a massive change to our reality, and this was “space weather”.

Well lets look at some of the examples you mention in your writing. In a PDF you released in June this year called “Planetary Challenges and Evolution”, which was catalyzed by some of the Obama administration’s outreach to the metaphysics community around the world, asking them for input… you show that space weather is a dominant, dynamic concern for the power elites  as well as the scientific intelligentsia. The Obama administration has been warned that there could be massive power surges that could affect the energy grids, they’re talking now about cutting power to the grid to protect it from solar flares… Lloyds of London released an insurance report in Nov, 2010 warning of the dangers of space weather. The ISS (International Space Station) is now monitoring very closely the incoming cosmic radiation. There have been examples of “zombie satellites” created from solar flares… There’s so much going on and so many established groups aware of the space weather implications that it is inescapably dominant and “in our faces” at the moment.

When I wrote my book [Tuning the Diamonds, 2006] I felt like I was late to the party. Space scientists were shocked by the massive geo-magnetic storms that we had in 1989… And from the metaphysical view that was when we were told there was a massive change taking place on this planet. So I knew 1989 was a massive marker. When I published in 2006 I just felt very, very alone. To me it was absolutely obvious. I was spending a huge amount of time researching, reading what the military had to say, what communication scientists had to say. They were absolutely adamant that this was really important and they had to get to grips with this. And yet nobody else seemed to be aware just how serious this was.

I integrated the information that I’d picked up over the years from my research and did my book. Five years after I published my book we have the UK and the US government saying that they think things could get so bad that they’re going to take the decision to actually pull down the grids before they’re destroyed.

That’s huge, that’s like civilization coming to a stop while the grids go down.

Exactly. It’s absolutely incredible. There’s actually a documentary-drama film called “Perfect Disaster: Solar Storm”, produced by the Discovery Channel. And one of the things they tell you is about space weather and how you can tell it’s getting worse with satellites crashing mysteriously, phone networks disappearing, etc. Well a month ago in Norway they had terrible problems with their mobile networks. This was a documentary-drama and yet exactly the same thing is happening. In the drama they talk about the decision to just switch off the grids.

Now I’ve got issues here because in 1989 when they had this massive geo-magnetic storm that knocked out the transformers in Quebec, Canada, it took 90 seconds from when the storm hit the planet to when the transformer was fried. So I don’t know what kind of warning, what criteria they are going to be using, what procedures for this decision to just turn the switch. You’ve got to think about hospitals, nuclear power plants, and critical [infrastructure]. You can’t just switch off. I’m still in shock because this is still a recent announcement. I’d like to know what the procedures are going to be for this.

It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation, a bit like the brown outs and black outs in WWII on a global scale… our entire modern technological civilisation goes offline for the duration. Whether that’s five minutes or more the flow-through effect would ripple through. And there would be this equal and opposite effect with the populace — if it’s a false alarm they’ll get jacked off at that — the whole of civilisation going offline!

At the moment space weather forecasting is considered to be in its infancy. That’s another way of saying they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s very hit and miss at the moment. To be able to predict X-rated solar flares [the strongest], or CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections]… it’s a very poor level of prediction at the moment. So we now have a lot of very new satellites in space literally monitoring the sun. They’re picking up terabytes of information and sending it back, but the sun keeps doing new things, and that’s a bit of an issue. They can’t get to grips with it when the sun keeps doing something different.

What’s happening is you’ve got satellites huddled around the sun, 93 million miles away, about 150 million kilometres away. Normally there’s a solar flare and the galactic magnetic energy from that will arrive on earth at the speed of light, in about eight minutes and 30 seconds. There’s nothing we can do about that — it’s fast. Then you have the high speed radiation particles that might arrive an hour later. We have satellites sitting at L1, La Grange Point 1, and that’s the point in space where there’s no gravity. So a bunch of satellites are just floating in space just watching the sun, and the most important of those is the ACE satellite.

And the thing about the ACE satellite is that it’s old. It’s well past it’s sell-by date and yet of all the satellites we have in space — and there’s something like 13,000 satellites in space — we only have two or three, a handful used for space weather. And the most important is the ACE satellite. It’s due to be replaced and yet there’s no replacement. So when the UK and US governments say they’re going to switch the grids off they’re making some big assumptions there that they actually have some data to make that decision on. That ACE satellite could die at any point, basically. The whole thing is quite shocking, actually.

There are more satellites in space than every before and they’re all very vulnerable to solar flares and electromagnetic activity, aren’t they?

A consultant for the Royal Airforce [in the UK] put out a document that noted that in 2003 when we had some huge solar storms that about a third of all satellites lost some functionality. A third is a lot! It’s serious. From my point of view, as well as having a scientific bent and a want to integrate information, I also have a metaphysical side to me. In the metaphysical community we were given clear messages saying that the amount of energies arriving on the planet were going to dramatically increase. Huge, like an exponential increase in energies. So when I came across space weather I thought, oh my goodness, it’s going to get really bad, and that’s exactly what’s happened.

So let’s look at what is happening with space weather now. The amount of cosmic rays coming in has increased, the magnetic field is weakening around the earth, what’s happening?

Well cosmic rays are at an all-time high but even in the solar minimum the number of cosmic rays was also high. We’re getting these new records all the time now. In March, 2010 the International Space Agency said there are now times when the earth has no magnetic field. They talked about how the solar wind used to act as a “bullet-proof vest” stopping galactic cosmic rays coming in. Now they’re talking about the earth’s atmosphere acting as a bullet-proof vest. That’s a huge difference. There are now times when the earth’s magnetic field literally collapses and it doesn’t exist.

When I read this I couldn’t believe it. There was no major announcement, I picked this up about four weeks later and found it by accident, just something on their website. This is major news but people don’t appreciate it. There was a major announcement that the solar wind was flagging; what NASA have been doing is putting announcements out like two weeks before Christmas, at times when not many people are going to be reading. I actually specifically look now at these times because I know that they’re sneaking out these announcements. By law they need to inform people but they don’t really want you to know, so they put these announcements out at times when people are busy and not paying attention.

There’s lots of implications to the solar wind flagging. There’s a ribbon that they’ve found in space — the IBEX ribbon. The solar system has been surrounded by energy that they didn’t expect to be there. They think it’s an artefact to do with the galactic magnetic field focusing hydrogen atoms in the solar system. It’s something they didn’t predict at all.

So is that IBEX ribbon some sort of protective membrane on the outer edge of our solar system?

I believe it’s special neutral particles, a specific type of energy that is now surrounding our solar system. They say that the actual effect is like a distorting mirror. This was such a shock to the scientists to see this, these particular particles that are arranged in such a way that looks like a ribbon, or I would call it a snake. Its an artifact to do with the energy coming in from a new source, a different type of energy that’s creating a different type of effect.

We have other things happening, too. There’s a huge interstellar cloud that has come and is now pressing on our solar system, which is shrinking. So the solar wind is not as powerful as it was before, plus this energy is coming from outside pressing in. That creates more of a problem with the galactic cosmic rays because there’s nothing to stop them coming in. The solar wind acted as a bullet-proof vest and stopped some of this energy coming in; well it’s coming in now. We have major things taking place, these are not small things. My concern is whether the heliosphere might go “pop”. Oh my god, if that happened…

To pick up on some of those things you mention — is this cloud the Oort cloud that Russian scientists discovered in 1997?

No, the Oort cloud is basically asteroids and meteors that hang around the solar system — it’s theoretical as well. What we’re seeing now is probably what they’re calling an interstellar debris cloud. There’s energy coming from a certain point in space and some of this energy is filtering through the protection of the heliopause… You have to think in terms of the electric universe here.

Basically there’s a bubble in space which is our solar system, and energy seems to be able to pass through this bubble, I think because they’re neutral particles. But we’re also getting asteroids coming through as well, piercing this bubble and dragging in this energy. So we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of comets and asteroids as well — it’s very complex. This is not an easy subject to talk about because there as so many things happening.

So it’s getting worse because we’re traveling into a denser region of this interstellar debris cloud and there’s more traffic?

Yes. Traffic is a good way to put it. This cloud, coincidentally, is coming from the direction of galactic center. This makes me wonder about the messages coming from the metaphysical community and whether people have been getting certain impressions… but interpreted them in a way that was incorrect. Our scientists have been watching this for 30 years. They knew that something was coming but the estimates were anything from 30,000 years to 50,000 years away. They also knew that if there was anything in front of this major cloud they wouldn’t be able to see it. And we seem to have gotten to the stage now where a “cloudlet” has arrived.

This is what we are now experiencing. It is changing the parameters in the solar system, it’s having an effect on the sun, that’s why the sun is flaring more, why we’re seeing different types of flares becoming more important on the sun. We’re seeing whole strips of the sun just peeling off and being flung into space. That’s a new feature. We’ve seen these kind of flares before but they seem to becoming more common. So I believe the sun is processing a whole new type of energy.

In my view they knew there was going to be an impact on the earth so they came up with this global warming scam to make money from all this. All well, this is all being caused by us humans so we have to pay more taxes and things like that…

I guess it also gives people a believable paradigm that the powers that be can fix things, everything changing but there is still a sense of control — we can survive these changes. Where if it’s something outside of the control of the politicians and scientists, something in the heavens that we have no effect on, well then… it goes back to faith and trust, and what can we do?

There are major implications to life on earth being affected by the cosmos. It’s about controlling people, how they think. Knowledge is power. There are people that know how to use power to their advantage. We’re having this whole massive fight for truth. The whole global warming thing is a scam. We have scientists that are telling us that the weather on earth is directed by the stars. Henrik Svensmark had trouble personally finding funding but he’s done a great job. Now that they’re doing experiments at CERN with one of their very expensive particle accelerators, it’s getting very hard now to ignore the truth.

We have lots and lots of things taking place it’s not just one single thing. The sun is changing, there’s arguments now whether the surface temperature of the sun is increasing, whether it might no longer be a yellow dwarf star but a white dwarf star… Behind the scenes there are people watching and thinking and there’s lots of discussion… There’s definitely talk [in the scientific community] about massive changes.

I believe these are all changes that we can time, this is what the processional cycle is about, this 26,000 year cycle. I believe there’s been ancient astronomers and that there have been people on this planet for millions of years. I don’t believe we’re a recent phenomenon, there’s evidence for societies that have come and gone before us and some of those societies were probably more advanced than we were but they were destroyed because of cosmic cataclysms. I feel that we have had messages or warnings left for us. There will come a time when there will be tremendous changes, and I feel that time is now.

The energy that is coming from the sun and from galactic sources — we’re also getting blasted from deep space with these “magnetars” — it’s literally driving up the energy of the planet. If you keep charging something like a battery its going to start humming after a while. That’s what we’re seeing — we have evidence that the planet is being literally charged up like a battery. And all these earthquakes and volcanic activity are where the levels of this energy are rising.

This is not just pie in the sky. We have the world’s top scientists telling us that the energy balance has changed and that there’s an influx of energy coming in to our planet. It’s not my opinion — I pick the top energy scientists on the planet and quote them and there’s a good reason for doing that. This is what they’ve spent 20-40 years of their life doing, they know what they’re talking about, there is an energy imbalance.

As well as the scientists the people of the earth can also empirically see the changes happening, even if they don’t connect the seismic activity and the weather changes, we have things like auroras and the ionosphere heating up with the spectacle of auroral displays across the planet, new and different types of cloud formations appearing…

Yes, the noctilucent cloud displays have started up again this summer. That’s another thing that’s very recent — we never saw these type of clouds in Europe before 2002. Noctilucent clouds are very high up, on the edge of the atmosphere and space. They’re normally backlit by the sun, so the sun has already gone down below the horizon, but they’re being backlit because they’re so high up.

And these clouds are very strange because they are extremely cold and extremely dry, like dry ice. Scientists say that they think the particles that form these clouds are also metallic. I think it’s a type of dust which gives it very strange properties. I believe they are electrified. They are so charged they give off this electric blue color. It’s an enigma as far as our scientists are concerned, but I think it’s all this dust coming in from deep space.  It’s a different type of effect these very beautiful noctilucent clouds that used to be confined to the poles, but are now moving down to mid-latitudes, so we’re seeing them in Europe.

There’s also other cloud formations, like the “UFO” type that look like giant elliptical orbs in the sky, or punch hole clouds where there’s a hole in the middle of them… One hovered over Russia last year for a day or so and had everyone mystified…

There’s something going on there… I feel we’re getting beams of energy hitting the planet. We’re moving through a completely different region of space with different properties. I think we’re actually getting fired on by these beams. The same beams are causing these “sinkholes” … they look like they’ve been cut with a laser. If it was a sinkhole caused by water you would have [an edge that]  wouldn’t be perfectly round, they’d have crumbling sides and it would be obvious that it was caused by water.

These sinkholes are like they’ve been cut by a laser, and there’s even examples which happen on ice, which is interesting, where it looks as if something has stamped the ice. I’m highly suspicious. There’s no way that the authorities are going to acknowledge this and say yes, you’re right.

And as well as the cosmic sinkholes there’s the increase in the “orb” phenomena… These charged particles in the air that are being captured by digital cameras and by people…

In the metaphysical community they talk about the “lifting of the veil”. It’s just a catchphrase. But what I’ve done is provide the scientific documentation to the reality that there is another form of life that lives on this planet and that exists throughout the universe. We live in a universe that is 99.999 percent plasma. I believe that the first form of life is a plasma entity. They’re interdimensional and that’s a very important thing: they have properties that mean we can sometimes see them and sometimes we can’t see them. We’ve had scientists since the 1980s that have been able to detect plasma coming into our atmosphere, they’ve been able to detect them in the infrared and the ultraviolet.

The Russians have been the most open about this and have shocked the British. There was a top UK Ministry of Defence report in 2005 that admitted they couldn’t believe the Russians were so open about what they were telling the world. Talking about these plasma beings and providing the mathematics and physics, descriptions on what they thought they were. If plasma is such big part of the universe — it’s just sub-atomic particles that are charged. If you have an atom that’s been stripped of the electrons then the electrons are plasma and the actual core of the atom is also, it’s the stripping away of these particles that turns them into plasma and they flow at different speeds depending on how electrified and magnetized they are, and they have special properties.

This is where the electric universe theory totally excels because it can explain the properties of the universe, and I believe it explains that there is another form of life that is just in the plasma state. We’ve had scientists that have spent 30 years looking at these reports of UFOs, there’s major research taking place in Norway and the scientists are very open there, the information is open to the public but the people just don’t know about it.

In indigenous populations and places like Australia they have things like the Minmin lights out in the outback… The original settlers especially had to come to grips with the fact that there were the huge balls of light that seemed to have consciousness, that seemed to be aware… People who have interactions with these things know that there’s a consciousness there. Now I’m saying that it’s not just a ball of energy. It’s a conscious entity, an intelligent being.

We have the examples of the crop circles that are being created by these balls of light. People have taken video of these balls of light swirling around and within 30 seconds you’ve got this amazing crop circle, which the mathematicians will tell you provides a pictorial depiction of very complex mathematics, even providing solutions to complex mathematics.

A lot of the entities we’re taking about here do appear to congregate around certain areas, maybe its leyline activity or something, but they often cluster around the countryside in specific areas. Do you think it’s the energetic grids they’re drawn to?

I believe it’s to do with vortexes and portals. There are specific places where energy concentrates in geometric patterns all over the planet. And so things like the orbs come in at certain points and they congregate at the energy points of the planet.

We’re starting to see very high electric fields on the planet now,  and at certain points the energy coming into the planet gets very very intense.

I know a lot of changes are happening in the ionosphere and there appear to be these energy beings, science calls them “sprites” which live in the top of the atmosphere near the ionosphere…

Well if we live in a plasma universe and there is now ever more plasma on the planet, it becomes hard to know where the point is between something that has consciousness and doesn’t have consciousness. Everything has consciousness in the physical world but you wouldn’t call a bolt of lightning a conscious being, for instance. So these sprites, I don’t consider them in the same light as the UFOs.

Now there’s amazing photos you can see on the internet of these sprites, they sort of look a little bit like energy jellyfish but miles high in the sky and it’s almost like they’re feeding off something…

This is the zoo. Scientists are complaining now of this issue, these things are huge. They appear in the sky for about a thousandth of a second and you have to have specialist photography to take pictures of them. Some of them look like squid, some of them look like jellyfish, they literally call it a zoo up there with these entities which just seem to appear from nowhere.

But if you go back to the traditions… the Mayan elders tell of the tradition of the Tzitzimime, [“sky monsters” or “celestial demons”]  that appear at certain times. I think that they are an

electromagnetic manifestation. But they look so like creatures — they look like jellyfish. But I don’t consider them the same as the orbs and the UFOs.

It seems that what we’re seeing now with the implications of space weather is that we’re embedded in a universal ecosystem and there’s regulations of energy and organisms that rush in when micro niches appear and feed in those spaces.

From my research looking at ancient mythology I believe that there is information telling us that these beings come in. They are the gods. And the gods aren’t interested in us, they’re interested in the energy, they feed off the energy. So this is why I want to educate people — I don’t want people to think the planet’s being invaded. It’s more like a cosmic aquarium. I think that there are conscious beings coming in, they’re flying through the lattice … and onto the planet.

And we’ve been told to expect them at this time by ancient mythology. They basically say that at times of high energy on this planet we attract a lot of cosmic beings. And we’re seeing a lot of these beings around volcanos and a lot of activity shifting around when there’s earthquakes. You know there’s going to be a big earthquake when you start seeing UFOs  because they get out, they know that there’s a build up of energies and they will get out before the earthquake takes place.

So it’s a new understanding of our reality and some people don’t like this. UFOlogists want to believe in space ships, in little green or little gray men and all this type of nonsense — okay, maybe there are a few of those, but I believe the vast majority of strange things that people are seeing in the sky is another form of life. I call it the shadow biosphere. Now I’m not just making this up, I’m basing this on what the militaries are saying.

We’ve had military people investigating these things for decades. They don’t want to talk about the truth but they just hint. It’s just so shocking for people to realize that there’s another form of life that’s interdimensional. It’s such a radical shift. But from the 1950s we’ve had military officers writing books, until a decision was made to stop them doing it. The UFOlogists will tell you that the best information about UFOs was written in the 1950s.

I think a lot of people are very stuck in their mindset … I want to understand my reality and I don’t want to live in the dark for the rest of my life. I want to understand what’s going on. And at a time like this where it’s getting absolutely crazy it’s really important to understand more of our reality. We’ve got to live in this crazy world and it’s just going to get crazier. So I really want people to learn. I find it strange when I just want to understand when I come across people that don’t want to understand.

Well they’re in denial, aren’t they. It’s like all those stages of grief, denial, rage, acceptance, all that. We’re cascading through those at the moment of planet earth.

Well what are they going to do? I mean things like the orbs are not going to go away but they don’t care. We’re getting major sightings over London, New York, over major cities in South America, constant sightings of these entities. I’m getting to the point where I’m bored logging all these reports. I’ve found the scientific research, the papers, the military documents. I know what the truth is. And these other people out there that want to know about the aliens, well that’s a different thing. That’s something different. In terms of the vast majority of these strange lights in the sky — they are plasma entities. They are beings of light. The “radar angels” that our military have been detecting since they invented radar…

Well this might counterbalance what might appear a very dark paradigm to people: forces beyond our control that are either feeding or interacting with us and the great charge of energy that’s now coming into the planet. In some of your other writings you also say that we are also quite well protected. There is something going on beyond us, but there is also a positive in this imminent transformation on earth…

I’m just interested in the truth. I believe that there is another world that interacts with us, but it’s very difficult because it depends on what the situation is. Deep down inside I know there’s nothing to fear. So I just look at the evidence. There seem to be entities that work with the planet …

It’s all a shift of language isn’t it? Perhaps they’re coming not to feed but to cleanse, if they’re like antibodies or they’re rebalancing things… If the whole universe is a homeostatic entity on some micro level down here on planet earth these things might be here to regulate and balance things out.

The metaphysical community have been told that there is a changing of the guard taking place. Entities that have been here for thousands of years are leaving and new ones are coming. And that is exactly how you can describe what it happening with the traffic. The traffic is two ways — and this is what the Russians were saying. We’re seeing these orbs flying in and there’s hundreds of these reports now where something flies in that looks like a meteor, then it stops dead in the skies and then it waits for a little bit, and then you see a beam, a red beam hitting down into the earth. And I think that’s a message, it’s information, it’s interacting with the earth. Sometimes you literally see these things go plop — and they drop into the earth.

Now I think these things are acting like neurons, like we have neurons in the brain. They’re creating a communications network within the planet. They seem to work with the earth. To me it’s absolutely obvious. The metaphysical community have been told this but if you talk to a lot of these metaphysical people they don’t think about anything, they just like the idea of hearing something new, but they don’t think about it.

I think there are certain rules [to these plasma entities]. There is interaction between us and these other beings but they are not allowed to influence the destiny of mankind … Some of these entities are literally free spirits. They come and go — they’re only here for the energy, and the traffic is the changing of the guard taking place.

I believe the earth itself is a conscious being. It needs help from the cosmos — there seems to be some type of communication going on and these plasma entities seem to act as some kind of communications system with the rest of the cosmos.

I never used to be like this, into all this “mother earth” stuff. But when I started looking at space weather one of the first things I discovered was that when the space race started up the Russians and the Americans both noticed that the polar cusps — they’re like magnetic foils at the north and south poles, like vortexes — when space weather would start they would open up. Before the space weather really kicked off these polar cusps were at five degrees, they were very tight. But when the space weather started the polar cusps actually opened up and were flapping around between forty five and twenty degrees. The sun would blast off this energy, the polar cusp would open to receive this energy and then when the space weather was over it would close back over again. 

So this brings us to the whole idea of the poles. if the poles are feeding off the energy from the sun, and the sun is currently feeding lots of energy to the earth, the earth itself as a living organism seems to be going through some evolution or maturation or upgrade…

I talk about  a planetary refresh and an upgrade. That’s the type of language that I prefer to use to descibe what’s taking place. In terms of the poles you have to be very careful because we have the magnetic poles and then you have people that talk about a pole shift, which is where the land mass actually shifts, and that’s very frightening to a lot of people.

I don’t believe we’re going to see that. But we are definitely seeing a magnetic pole shift.

And one of the things that’s very interesting is that the north pole is not directly in line with the south pole. They’re both different. In the metaphysical literature they talk about the earth having a “broken spine”, because the poles aren’t directly 180 degrees from each other. What’s happening now is that the north magnetic pole is actually moving ten times faster than the south magnetic pole. There’s an alignment taking place.

In the metaphysical sense what we’re being told is that this is going to have an effect on consciousness. And they link this to male and female energies, but it’s about polarities really. Up down left right it’s all polarities.

We’ve had an imbalance in magnetic energies on this planet that’s reflected in the poles, and now we’re being told that it is being corrected, or adjusted. And that will have a change in consciousness on the planet, which is very interesting. It’s considered to be a wild card. No one knows the influence the magnetic poles shifting will have, but it will directly affect humans on this planet. We are living in a time where we don’t know what is going to happen. The influence of all these changes are so vast…

The message I’ve understood is that there’s not going to be total destruction on this planet, but I am very concerned about some things like all this radiation that’s going on now. I feel that we humans haven’t really taken notice of the fact that there’s these massive changes occurring on the planet but we’re not planning for that. The world controllers just want to carry on like business as usual when it’s not possible to do so. When are humans going to wake up and get it?

Well at the same time as we’re talking about all this energy coming down to planet earth affecting our consciousness, we’re also coincidentally or not seeing revolutions happening not just in the Middle East, but mini-revolutions happening in consciousness and in people who have had enough of the old systems all across the earth. Different cosmic energies do affect consciousness and do you think that’s happening on earth on a wide scale now?

There’s definitely things that we can point to that have been studied by researchers. There’s something called the “Flynn effect”, where psychologists have measured over many decades now that there is an increasing intelligence, people are becoming more intelligent across the whole board… You have to think in terms of how dumbed down people were in the past. Most people couldn’t even read a hundred years ago. And that’s probably why the conspiracy theorists say they’ve been adding fluoride to the water and lithium now, to dumb people back down again…

As cynical as I am I do look at the work other scientists have done and I respect what they’re saying. There are definitely things we can see that are markers, like synaesthesia. Scientists have noticed over the last 30 or 40 years that there’s this new phenomenon of combined senses taking place. Neurologists looking at this estimated that originally one in a million people had this strange combined sense where information was being processed in a totally different way. But over the decades this has gone from like one in a million to around one in 100 people now. There’s 63 different variations on this [synaesthesia]. One in 23 persons has some type of ‘neurological’ synesthesia (Simner et al. 2006).  For info: The estimated prevalence of colored-letter synesthesia (the most common form) in the mid 1990s was 1 in 2,000 (Baron-Cohen et al. 1996), but that has recently greatly increased to 1 in 100 (Simner et al. 2006). We are changing so quickly.

People who used to claim to see auras around people, that’s just typical synasthesia, you can’t even say that’s special anymore because so many people are developing this. It’s a wide variety of [difference] in how they process information. Neurologists don’t understand what becomes conscious of what we see and what remains unconscious. There is a tremendous amount of research going on into this. They don’t know how information coming at us becomes conscious, how we actually see it, that is still a mystery. And now people’s brains are definitely changing and we’re processing information differently.

Susan, as well as the brain states the energy that’s coming in on planet earth is also directly affecting our DNA, isn’t it?

Well it’s always been like this, this is one of the things that people need to be able to understand. Our scientists thought that everything was within DNA and that it was like a blueprint that changed very, very slowly. Now scientists have realised that this is incorrect and that there is some kind of environmental factor that is used to process DNA. It’s like a signal that is coming in externally and it’s an electromagnetic signal, or I believe, it’s also an interdimensional signal that’s coming in to people.

Our consciousness and our beliefs can affect how our DNA is processed, and we’re also intimately connected with the environment. We cannot change that, it’s something, an element where our DNA is directly linked to the environment. That cannot be touched by our scientists and I think that’s a great source of distress to them, quite frankly.

What do you mean by that, that we can’t change the fact that we’re being bombarded by energy in our environment?

Yeah. Exactly. I think it’s like our consciousness, there is part of our being that can agree on how that energy is used. We can give permission for growth, for evolution, or we can say no. If we say no then the DNA will not adapt to fit it. And this is what I think you have with the issue of evolution or devolution. I think we are starting to see this already. Some people will become the new humans, they will become the mutants and some people will change. The old people will die off naturally of course and the people that are being born will be the new type of human. This is directly controlled by the environment.

So how do we interact consciously with our own DNA to take advantage of the ambient celestial energy in our environment now?

This is a really difficult question. I was involved with energy practitioners that were reportedly helping people to evolve. And I think you can do all types of certain things but the evolution is not just affecting the human energy field, its your thinking, your beliefs, your understanding and your relationship with the environment and dealing with your issues. It’s lots of things. I’ve been involved in the metaphysical community and I’ve seen the bad stuff, as far as I’m concerned. So I’m a little bit more cynical than I should be, maybe.

In some of your writings you mentioned the Queros tribe in Peru. They live high in the Andes and the don’t take in any plant entheogens to alter their consciousness, they just see energy raw and directly in the universe. Now they do many initiations including the Hatun Karpay or the Great Initiation to tune people in. You quote them as saying it’s important that people cleanse their energy field from the outside and go in slowly.

I was amazed by that because I think it’s correct. There’s a role for understanding but there’s so much rubbish out there. There’s some basic information that people should understand: there’s the power of intent… I trained as an energy practitioner and I had a few shocks because I would literally see the energy. I don’t like to tell people that I see things but I do, it’s the truth and there’s no point in hiding it. I have seen this energy, this golden energy on my hands. I’ve seen white energy coming off my fingertips. This is real, it’s not just made up stuff. And some people have learned how to work this energy. They literally bring it in with intent, they say okay, we want this evolutionary energy to help us evolve. And they literally work with their energy fields.

But the problem with anything like this is that people get corrupted by their knowledge — too much power tends to corrupt humans. I’ve seen the bad side and people misuse their powers. I believe it’s not just working with the human energy field, it’s learning and having humility, opening up, wanting to deal with your issues, dealing with lots of different aspects of who you are as a human. It’s not just about learning how to work with energies. It’s attitude, issues, being truthful…

Is there science you’ve researched that does show us how DNA interacts with light and the energy that is around?

The Russians are very advanced with this and there are people that have spent decades looking at the photons that are emitted by DNA. DNA can be programmed by light. Experiments have detected an inter-dimensional component to DNA. None of this is mainstream science but there is science there that supports this view. They talk about the biological internet, of DNA picking information up that seems to come from outside itself.

We have the whole science of epigenetics now, the most focused area of science now. They felt that DNA was solely in charge, that there was the DNA blueprint and that was it. Well they’ve now found that there’s these epigenetic markers that actually influence DNA, and so the focus is now shifting and it’s now a very important part of biology to understand how these environmental factors work. They say that stress affects these epigenetic markers, your beliefs and issues affect your DNA. Well the metaphysical community has been saying that forever.

Our thoughts affect our DNA…

Yes. And that is not argued about now in the scientific community, they now realize that is actually true and that DNA will process differently. This is actually quite amazing but what we need to understand is that humans are influenced by what is going on in the heavens. It’s not just our local environment it’s the celestial environment. I feel this very, very strongly. It seems that we’ve lost this ancient knowledge. Even in the Middle Ages there was a recognition that we are influenced. The flu or “influenza” actually originally came from the Latin which meant ‘influence of the stars’. There are viruses manufactured in the comet tail of Venus. At certain points in the movement of Venus in relation to our earth we are actually getting bombarded with viruses.

Well Susan that brings up the idea of space dust and viruses and where DNA actually comes from…

We’ve had situations on earth where there’s been a red rain. Cells literally rain down on the planet and turn the rain red, These are biological cells — there was some dispute whether the cells actually had DNA in them, but we’ve had instances in recent times where biological cells have rained down on the planet and turned the rain red. Now this links in with panspermia and the origins of life, which goes back to the plasma again. It’s all connected, it’s huge and a total paradigm shift in our understanding of how the universe runs.

I believe we are very influenced by what’s going on in the celestial heavens, and this is why ancient astronomers realized this and left a lot of messages for us warning us about this time, because they knew there would be tremendous influences on humanity at this point in the celestial cycle.

Susan, in brief, what is going on in the heavens? What does this whole idea that we are aligning with galactic center really mean? Galactic center seems to be transmitting both energy, space rocks, the Oort cloud and things — there’s a lot of traffic coming from galactic center so what will alignment with it really mean?

I think that we’ve got this wrong. I think the alignment with the galactic center is more like a processional marker. It’s a certain point in time that we can use because of the changes. But in terms of energy just coming from galactic center I think we’ve got this wrong. I think there’s been a lot of misunderstanding and we’ve confused the time marker with the energy marker. I believe the energy’s actually coming from a different place.

A universal source?

Yeah, I think that we are getting energy on this planet and some of it is coming from deep space. There are these magnetars… It gets very difficult…

Science has documented these magnetars haven’t they? They release in a second more than 100,000 times the amount of our sun’s energy.

Yes. The magnetar is a type of neutron star which is related to pulsars, and they are the most magnetic thing in the universe. When these things let rip….! We’re getting blasted by these things but the energy is trillions of miles away, and it’s still so powerful that our ionosphere starts to resonate at the same frequency as these magnetars. It’s coming from trillions and trillions of miles away…

We’re being entrained… the ionosphere is being entrained by this other celestial body…

Yes. So this is extremely complex. There’s nothing straightforward in any of this. It’s like a celestial orchestration, that’s the only way I can explain it. It’s like an orchestration of energy with the galactic cosmic ray energies coming in from this interstellar cloud, we’ve got the magnetars going, it’s just incredible what’s taking place now…

Do you think all this orchestration of energies coming in now is leading up to a collapse of earth’s magnetic field? Or as we mentioned at the start, the magnetic field is already dipping down to zero, so all these energies can come in, we can be bombarded and we can receive them…

That’s a much better way to see it. I don’t think it will permanently go down to zero but it might go down to ten percent. That’s what’s happened in the past, we have evidence for the earth’s magnetic field going down to about ten percent and literally all these energies pouring onto the planet. We’ve had certain species dying off and other species flowering and seemingly unaffected by the changes. Our scientists don’t know why some species die off and other species flourish.

So this is something that isn’t brand new, it’s happened on this planet before. It seems to be some kind of cosmic orchestration that’s organized on a level that we don’t understand, that’s beyond our understanding as humans. And we have to learn to go with the flow, quite frankly. There’s massive changes taking place but there’s tremendous denial as well with things like the earthquakes over 6.0. They changed the scale and it’s not quite the same scale as it used to be so it’s very difficult to even compare data because of these changes in the scale.

It’s obvious to many people that we are seeing ‘once-in-a-thousand-year’ earthquakes happening every other year now, these huge, huge earthquakes, but we’re not paying attention. It’s like people are trying to just ignore it and carry on.

What do you think people should do, though? We can’t continue to ignore the changes, it seems like it will peak this year with the seeming exponential increase in seismic activity and planetary upheavals caused by this ambient energy coming in. So in your best metaphysical and scientific perspective, what should we be doing? What can we do as individuals or collectives to be aware of space weather and to maximize it to our advantage?

The first thing is getting rid of the grid. We’ve got to totally change the type of energy that we’re utilizing. I believe we need to go down a free energy route. I know this is going to cause a lot of problems because world controllers do not want that. They do not want people able to generate energy in their garages with free energy devices. We cannot make ourselves vulnerable as with the current system.

In Jan, 2009 a report came out that said if we were to have a magnetic storm like the one that happened in 1989, then in America we could expect 300 transformers to be damaged to various levels, and to have 130 million people without electricity. In a storm that could hit the planet and knock us out in less than 90 seconds.

Now with the replacement of the transformers they say it would take four to ten years to get back to the way they were, can you imagine that? No electricity for ten years? How could society cope with that? With this business of switching off the grid they’re now playing Russian roulette with the sun! We have to get rid of the grid, the centralized grid, or make it smaller. I know that there’s electrical engineers looking at these device that can actively protect the transformers, that’s another idea. But I feel humans need to mature and we need to recognize that we can literally tap the aether for energy, clean energy.

We need to evolve and we have world controllers that don’t want that, that’s the last thing they want … Any inventions that mean people have more freedom and are less controlled, all those type of inventions are taken away. But I feel the current system is not going to work in the new environment. All this business with nuclear power — it’s filthy, dirty energy, it’s awful stuff. It has to be closely monitored and in this type of crazy, changing environment it’s not going to work. For some people that’s all they know: control, control, control. And unless the sheeple wake up it’s going to stay like this.

So number one we need a change in consciousness.

We need to elect new leaders that are not just self interested and will just be bought out by the people with the power and control and the money. We need people who care about humanity and humanity moving forward. Energy consumption and the way we do things now, polluting the planet, the fact that they can’t find anywhere to put this nuclear waste, and so forth, the whole thing is just totally and utterly stupid. We have to grow up and mature and do things differently.

I guess that the number one opportunity that we have, as you describe in some of your writings, is that space weather is delivering evolutionary energies. You quote numerous metaphysical sources that say “to initiate a new golden age … this life force of the creator must descend into the planet”, that idea’s from Robert Cox’s book, the Pillar of Celestial Fire. So this idea that there’s an intelligence behind the universe and cosmic energy that’s coming in and bombarding us, highlights the fact that there’s this opportunity to embrace the energies and to evolve…

Yes. When I talk about space weather I’m not trying to frighten people, I’m trying to get them to think and to wake up. The society where people just work and work has been created for the vast majority and it’s not really for our benefit. The majority of people need to decide to do things differently and not to go along with the current system. I’m not talking as a radical, I’m talking as someone who sees the common sense of it. I’m thinking of the mass of humanity — we can do better on this planet. We don’t need to have starvation. We don’t need to have all the terrible things that are taking place. We just need to evolve and start doing things differently.

And I personally think space weather is going to drive massive change, whether we like it or not. The issue is just whether humanity as a whole is going to co-operate and do things differently to create a better world.

And at the end of the day humanity has to move forward.

Susan what is it with the ionosphere — it’s where the almost mythical HAARP device that the blogsphere likes so much works to create perturbations in the ionosphere so that we can control the weather through our machines. The ionosphere seems to be a lot more than science currently thinks it is, it’s not just a band up in space is it? It’s performing a very delicate function, isn’t it?

I believe its the earth’s brain, or a form of mind. I started looking into this and it’s an area that science doesn’t understand very well, and they admit it. It seems to be what some intellectuals have called the ‘noosphere’ (Pierre de Chardin). That’s why I was so fascinated when I discovered the magnetars were entraining the ionosphere.

All I know is that our world is changing very, very quickly. The world controllers thought they had everything under wraps but the rug has literally been pulled from underneath them now. And whether they like it or not, change has been forced on this world. I don’t know how serious things are going to get. But space weather is not getting better, it’s getting worse. Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker and there’s more energies coming in, and this is just going to get worse.

Everything’s getting worse according to the old paradigm, which is unsustainable anyway… But the opportunity with these energy fluctuations coming in… You mention in your writings that the earth itself is beginning to sparkle and shine with the energy coming in, and that there’s this tuning happening, which goes back to the title of your book, Tuning the Diamonds. And you posit further that perhaps the energetic field of our DNA itself is being tuned in by this energy so we are “all becoming diamonds”.

The inspiration for the title for my book came from my intuition and it just felt very right. But I’ve recently discovered that if you pass a magnetic field… if you pass a current through a nano tube then energetic diamonds actually appear. Metaphysical people that I’ve met say that the diamonds are a holographical representation of our DNA. And scientifically that looks like it’s correct.

I believe that there’s ancient knowledge that has been retained over thousands of years where especially psychic people have been able to see into other dimensions and they’ve seen this geometry. We do have a relationship with the environment and this energy that’s coming in that’s multi-dimensional but also electromagnetic and does affect us. The fetus in the womb is affected by solar flares and geomagnetic storms. Biologists can pick the data out as proof.

In the Hindu belief they call the world ages or cycles the ‘yugas’. In the Kali Yuga or the last age they say that there’s a ‘celestial fire’ that will transform the earth, and that seems to match quite accurately what’s happening at the moment with space weather inundation.

Yes, photographers have even taken pictures of this fire. With the shift in technology and digital cameras we’re picking up a lot of things that can’t be seen necessarily with the eye. Which makes me wonder about the authorities as they have technology which can see into the infra-red and the ultraviolet. It makes you wonder what they’ve been seeing for decades that they don’t want to talk about. But now it’s much easier with everyday ordinary equipment to pick up these discrepancies now.

We’re living in a very exciting time. All the natural energetic signals in the environment are also being amplified now with space weather. Our brains are being triggered much more by the signals coming at us. Look at a mobile phone — the signals are about a million times stronger than the signals coming in from the Schumann resonance, and yet if you took this environmental signal away humans would get really sick very quick, we can’t cope without this natural signal coming in.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just wonder why it’s been so hard for people to acknowledge that it’s not just aetheric invisible energy. Our scientists tell us that we can only detect 4% of the energy of the universe. They think that 96% of the universe is hidden energy, and they need that 96% to get their theories to work. So when we’re getting blasted by this energy from the sun, 96% of it we can’t even detect. But to explain that to people… they just don’t get it.

It’s like people can learn the alphabet, but only some people learn to create words with the alphabet. Other people make sentences with it, others paragraphs and articles, and some really clever people can do research papers with those letters. But a lot of people are at a very low level and they cannot integrate information enough to create the high level stuff. I feel it’s a real chicken and an egg scenario because most people can create a few sentences, but they don’t want to go to the next level of understanding.

And I feel I’m trying to bring concepts in that require people to be stretched to another level of understanding — and they don’t want to be stretched. And this is why some people consider me a threat, because I’m giving people a new level of reality.

Well Susan they might have killed Galileo, but his information still got out.

Yes, well. This is important. We can’t continue on blind and unknowing and stuck in our old thinking. We need to change. Humanity needs to change. And that’s going to happen when people pick up and understand [space weather]. It’s simple things like an orb in the sky. You should be able to go to your neighbor and say you’ve seen some funny lights and they should be able to give a short explanation of what it is. And just doing that is going to deal with the fear

and give people some insight and comfort, It’s going to make a change in peoples’ consciousness level.

It’s crazy because people are now seeing these things and you can’t just get rid of them. But they’ve always been there. So there’s this need for education and that’s where I’m at.

What else can I do?

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