Galactivism: How Shamanic Experiences Invoke Planetary Consciousness



Date of original publication

Mar 19, 2019



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The Planet’s immune response through humans


Music is the vibration of the zeitgeist


It’s ok to change your consciousness


The gut instinct, an older brain network


We’re actually a colony organism


The planetary emergency has the potential for emergence


You need to be a galactivist

How can we understand our place in the web of life that extends beyond the planetary envelope and out into the galactic ecology? Our current short attention spans are entrained to be addicted to civilization and the technology that distracts us from the potential of our full consciousness. Beyond the monoculture of civilization is a planetary intelligence that is part of a galactic and universal intelligence the scale of which is just beyond our mortal minds. And yet – the technicians of the sacred, the shamans of indigenous cultures all around the world have used their psychoactive plants and earth medicines to connect to this vast intelligent web of life.

Shamanic medicines – the psychoactive substances mother earth secretes have been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years to maintain connection to expanded consciousness and the family of life. Other modalities like breathwork, yoga and meditation from the East can also help tune us back into our true nature and relax or quieten the ego mind.

Without help our current baseline is a paradigm where we have forgotten the miracle of life we are embedded in – so our job right now is to rediscover the right relationship . We’re “polyphasic” – we can tune into multiple levels of reality – and we’re learning to lower the Default Mode Network (DMN) and the ego and live in a larger intergalactic reality. Being stewards of this galactic consciousness and understanding the greater being we are part of is “galactivism”.

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The First Step is To Remember Who and What You Really Are

We don’t seek shamanic experiences just to try something new. We’ve collectively started to seek modalities that help us reconnect, heal, and renew our sense of being. A lot of what I do is not about taking a substance, experiencing another state and then going back to normal. It’s not about mind-knowledge either. It’s about feeling, heart-intelligence, re-connecting and healing.

More and more of us are realizing that we live from a place of disconnection, of feeling and being separate and the cure can’t be found while scrolling our social network news feeds for a little bit of dopamine.

What we sense is our disconnection from our Mother Earth – Gaia – and our divine nature. Of course, the cure can not be found on the outside, but on the inside, in our deeper roots. And psychedelics and other shamanic medicine and rituals are here to help us do that: remember who we are by tuning into our spirit.

How do you have faith or hope or anything unless you tune into spirit and see? You know, nature is intelligent, nature is miraculous, it is the gift of life. We forget, we wake up and we begrudgingly get on the public transport and go to work and it's like having a shitty Wednesday. It's like dude, you're in the miracle of life but we've forgotten.

You Exist in The Miracle of Life

We’re still disconnected from living life as a miracle because we’re still thinking we are the center of the universe (at least our egotic conscience is saying that). We have to remember that we’re here, in this stage of history, to re-learn, to let the ego go into the back seat, versus being this driving force which dominates the planet, destroying it.

In Western culture, we're “monophasic” – a single state of consciousness is promoted – and we think “okay this is it, this is reality. Let's go get drunk, let's go get stoned.” We use various substances to calm down or to speed up. Indigenous cultures are “polyphasic”, which means they understand there's not just waking consciousness or dreaming consciousness, but there's all these levels of consciousness which are all there, like a spectrum of color so you can tune into that. 

The capitalist marketplace is absorbing psychedelics and shamanic experiences as another peak experience.

Reciprocation and Learning From Indigenous Wisdom

I also see a Global Shamanic Resurgence that's happening, and with respect to indigenous cultures there's issues around commodification and capitalism sort of commodifying shamanic peak experiences. The valid criticism is that the same colonial attitudes which pillaged the indigenous cultures of the old world are now being pillaged of their psychoactive medicines. We need to work culturally to respect and honor indigenous wisdom and learn how to absorb it without taking it. To be in partnership and trust. And that is an ongoing effort.

But essentially what's happening on a larger species level with entheogenic substances secreted by the earth is a cleansing, to reveal that we have this sensitivity to connect to the signal always being broadcast by the Divine. To be part of the process of this “galactivation” that is definitely coming up.

We’re not just what our minds tell us we are, but much, much more. Psychedelics and entheogens are natural tools that help us experience life for the first time – as it is beyond the fixed ego. While we have such “mystical” type experience, we gasp at the possibilities, we feel and understand other types of consciousness and we tune into what they’re trying to say. We open to a bigger potential within us and connect to a larger intelligence beyond us.

It's almost as if psychoactives and shamanic medicines are the prebiotics and the probiotics cleaning us out to reveal that we are the medicine as well and that we can connect the earth.

From the Planetary Emergency – An Emergence

If you understand what you're in right now it's a planetary scale emergency – and the emergency has the potential for the emergence, because nature knows what it's doing. There's a process underway that is cyclic and happens over hundreds of thousands of years between the ice ages – civilizations flourish in very brief bandwidths of time. Within that, life flourishes and we have a target window to evolve. Then there's a possibility of becoming something greater – but to do so in concert with the earth and the other species. That's my prayer and my hope.

It's like there's a universal song which is always being sung and all the species are actually the notes in the song and we've been silent for 10,000 years waiting for the moment when the chorus kicks in.

If you've ever had a shamanic experience there can be a lot of healing, there can be a lot of purging – it can be hard work. But once you get beyond that it's cleaning you out to realize you're the vessel for the divine intelligence manifesting on earth. This miracle called life. There is such joy there, such understanding which comes from realizing you are part of something greater and it is birthing you.

You are not alone. You are part of the galactic family. So my hope is that you know, as this emergency unfolds on planet earth we can marry all the pathways that are needed to survive the emergency. In fact, that might be the way our species evolves.

But it comes down to consciousness. It comes down to “can we know what we're in? Can we know why we're here? Can we know what these times really are? And then can we use the scientific technologies and our advanced civilization in the very short amount of time we have left?”

I have worked with many indigenous communities and tribes who work with shamanic medicines, and many of the shamans have told me that the plant spirits are saying on behalf of the earth that IT IS NOT WELL. The earth is sick. Big changes are coming and not like generations away – but right NOW. In this generation. And we're seeing it you know all around with the extreme weather, the breakdown of systems, of trust in the system.

The planet is working to cleanse and heal and open our full capacity for the full spectrum of consciousness, to bring us back into it. To upgrade the species to where we used to be in other world ages. To remember who and what we really are. And yet, many of us are like, “well, I just want my Instagram feed, right?

The organism of the earth– Gaia – is trying to purge the civilizational sickness of humanity. And this is a good thing because it's not sustainable. And on the other side of this invitation to transformation is potentially a reunification with who and what we really are.

A Generation of Galactivists United in Planetary Consciousness!

The younger generations have a potential to be not just activists – but to be #galactivists to know who and what they really are – and then to act on it. To not demand change, but to be the change that is coming. But you can't do it unless you find your center. You can’t do it from an egoic sense that’s disconnected from the realities of the physical world in some virtual Metaverse.

It’s not about thinking, it's about feeling. And when you feel it – the planetary emergency is the transformational tipping point and that's what we're living through – and it's going to come really soon, sooner than we think. That's what the indigenous people are saying, that's what the plant medicines and spirits are saying. We're at this cusp of transformation which is like when you go through puberty – you don't want to, you love being a kid, then all of a sudden these biological changes happen. It’s the same in the planetary organism.

So this is my hope: that we can all be planetary activists, galactic activists. That galactivism can take root and start to blossom in the human bloom across the planet.

It’s really up to us to tune into the higher vibration of our divine consciousness and reconnect to our true, pure, and light self as we collectively heal deep separation wounds. It’s also up to us to integrate the realization we have while on psychedelics in our daily lives.

True change can only occur from the within, and the old style of consciousness is not going to get us there.

Key takeaways

  • We are collectively seeking shamanic experiences because now more than ever we are looking for deep healing.
  • Our reality is not limited to what we see with our eyes, but has different layers. Our ego is the one who keeps us trapped in this monophasic worldview.
  • Psychedelics are natural tools that help us experience life for the first time as it is beyond the ego.
  • It is up to us to become the change that we want to see in the world, and we can only do that by raising our vibration and by growing in consciousness.