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Remembering Who and What We Really Are

‘The answer is never the answer. What’s really interesting is the mystery. If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you’ll always be seeking. I’ve never seen anybody really find the answer – they think they have, so they stop thinking. But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.    – Ken Kesey

Hello and welcome to my site. My name’s Rak Razam and I’m a mythic storyteller: a screenwriter, author, journalist, filmmaker and public speaker. I’ve been seeking the Mystery in one shape of another all my adult life. What is the Mystery? You could say it’s why we’re here. Who we are. And what we’re becoming.

Maybe you feel that pull, that spark of yearning deep within you to truly know yourself and what we are embedded in. To find purpose and meaning and a way to connect to yourself and others that is often lacking in the mainstream nine-to-five.

Well, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. As you will see, my twenty year journey on the fringes of consciousness has been well documented, and I’ve learned a lot of deep lessons on the way that I would love to share with you. The most important of those is probably to have a sense of connection. And that, I believe, is what the Mystery is all about.

In my decades of interviews for mainstream and alternative media I have found the others, the seekers and the wisdom holders. Collectively we have the pieces to the puzzle of a healthy, sustainable, meaningful new paradigm that unites ancient wisdom with future technology. A thread through the labyrinth of disinformation and division that points towards home.

Yes, there are many paths that lead to knowledge, just as there are different levels of knowing. To truly know, we have to get beyond the rational mind and to feel. To feel connected to something bigger than ourselves, that conversely gives us perspective on ourselves. Has there ever been a more urgent time for these answers?

I hope that with this site, which is a collection of the interviews, lectures, podcasts, videos, books and films I have produced in the last twenty years, you too can find the meaning and connection you are looking for.


I started out as a freelance journalist writing about consciousness and spirituality for magazines and blogs. Many of these articles were collected in an anthology I edited alongside other countercultural writers called The Journeybook. In 2006 I travelled to the Amazon in search of ayahuasca and to understand the role of shaman in the 21st century. The answers became the cult classic memoir, Aya: Awakenings, A Shamanic Odyssey, and the companion volume of interviews, The Ayahuasca Sessions. I also have contributions in other popular anthologies like Graham Hancock’s The Divine Spark.


For ten years I was a leading alternative podcaster with my show, In a Perfect World, which led me to a host of other luminaries and to curate a collective sense of reality beyond the norm. I was also a contributing speaker on dozens of other podcasts sharing my wisdom.


In 2014 the critically acclaimed documentary adaption of my ayahuasca book, Aya: Awakenings, was released, and toured Australia, the U.K. and the USA. This in turn led to my current documentary series, Shamans of the Global Village, which looks at the resurgence of medicine people around the world working with psychoactive tools for community healing and enlightenment. Episode 1 examined the Bufo Alvarius toad (containing 5-MeO-DMT) and episode 2 looked at the peyote sacrament of the Huichol Indians. I have written, hosted and produced these films, and co-directed along the way. This in turn has gifted me with a deep respect for storytelling in film, and lead me to writing feature film scripts, my current passion.

Public Speaker

Touring the world with my books and films, I’ve become a renowned public speaker, hosting events, conferences, retreats, and panel discussions where I have lectured on plant and earth medicines, consciousness and spirituality. I have presented at:

* KTLA TV 2017  (news report on ayahuasca)

* Aya: Awakenings film tour 2013/14 (Australia six cities, UK five cities, USA ten cities, moderating panels, lectures and film screenings)

* GAIA TV – Psychedelia series, 2017. episodes 4, 7, 8 (commentator on plant and earth medicines, consciousness)

*WBAC (World Bufo Alvarius Congress, Mexico, co-founded with Mario Garnier) 2018. 2019

* MAPS (Multi-disciplanary Association of Psychedelic Studies) Psychedelic Science conference 2010, 2013, 2017

* Awakened Futures conference San Francisco 2019

* EGA (EntheoGenesis Australis) conferences 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017 (MC, panel moderator, lecturer, producer)

* Exploring Psychedelics conference, Oregon, 2016, 2017, 2018 (panel moderator, presenter)

* Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (lecture, 2019, consciousness and entrepreneurs)

* Shamans of the Global Village panel discussions, show launch, 2017 (San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Portland)


Please sign up to my email list to stay connected, and to keep evolving together. As a reward for joining me I’d like to gift you with the most concise word-map I have so far of the Mystery. This is a free chapter from an anthology I contributed to called ‘From Cosmic Consciousness to Convergence: Mapping the Species Activation.’ In broad strokes it provides a topographical and historical map of our understanding of reality from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. But remember – the Map is Not the Territory. That you have to traverse yourself!

I would love to connect and share this journey of discovery with you.

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