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The Shamanic Toad Panel Discussion

Panel discussion with Dean Jefferys, Rak Razam, Dan Schreiber and Jewelli Deva about the Bufo Alvarius Toad and 5-MeO-DMT culture and discussion on issues...

Full Spectrum Consciousness

As psychedelics are cautiously re-embraced back into the medical fold: What of their other social, spiritual and consciousness potentials? Are the man-made psychedelics psychic lubricants that...

Introducing the Terra Incognita

Introducing TERRA INCOGNITA: The Martin Ball interview. This was a groundbreaking interview with Martin Ball on his Entheogenic Evolution podcast discussing the new NGO,...

Tantric Shamanism and Ethical Porn

Rak Razam helped hold space on the latest episode of the ‪#‎TantraPunk podcast for a very interesting discussion! : "In this episode I am...

Greetings Planet Earth!

Are we in a planetary ceremony? How can medicine people hold space for themselves and the collective as things disintegrate and something new is birthing through? How do we use the opportunity of global lockdown to go within in our chrysalis, to tap into each other through virtual connection and connect through the heart?

One Great Being

https://youtu.be/VrtWpEFS9NU Episode 2 NOW AVAILABLE @ www.shamansoftheglobalvillage.com. Here's the first excerpt https://youtu.be/VrtWpEFS9NU

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Moreover, the real medicine is, as we know, within. I reaffirm that in the Ceremony of Life, we are all now facing a medicine journey. It’s not just the coronavirus, its change. The capitalist hierarchical 20th C lifestyle that we were unsustainably drifting along with as mother earth fights back is collapsing. The beginning of the end has arrived.

LA Weekly – Film Captures the Experience of Taking Ayahuasca

The new film Aya: Awakenings goes inside the world of ayahuasca, exploring the shamanic resurgence and ayahuasca movement in Peru and around the world....

Simulation ep108 Rak Razam – 5-MeO-DMT

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PtZ-58xZjQ The Simulation show with Alen Saakyan is rebirthing the public intellectual and inspiring YOU to build the future through our multidisciplinary daily show and...