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Ten years ago this June experiential journalist Rak Razam took his virgin trip down to the Amazon to explore the mythic archetype of ‪#‎ayahuasca and the role of the ‪#‎shaman in the 21st Century, a journey which became the book Aya: Awakenings A Shamanic Odyssey, and later the critically acclaimed documentary of the same name.

In this extended audio narration you’ll hear the original reading from the book launch at Sera Phi, San Francisco on Sept 28, 2009, which later formed the sonic backbone of the film’s narration. So sit back and listen: “But what science cannot explain is the psychic effect of this “mother of all plants,” the sense of the numinous and the spiritual world it reportedly opens up. Those who drink say that each ayahuasca journey is unique. They say that the spirit of the vine comes alive, it guides and teaches, and on the other side nothing is ever the same. Or so they say.”

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