Is ayahuasca the latest pathway in an eternal unfolding of the Divine? From the Los Angeles afterpanel of Aya: Awakenings: Rak Razam asks why is ayahuasca popular in the West now? How does it connect to the indigenous idea of world ages, or cycles of time? There have been global shamanic civilizations before, but why do the active entheogenic sacraments end up hidden, and obscured? Is change the only constant? Does the spiritual journey ask us to refresh anew our connection with the Divine every generation? Take your own visionary journey on an Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru with Rak Razam:

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Greetings Planet Earth!

Are we in a planetary ceremony? How can medicine people hold space for themselves and the collective as things disintegrate and something new is birthing through? How do we use the opportunity of global lockdown to go within in our chrysalis, to tap into each other through virtual connection and connect through the heart?

One Great Being Episode 2 NOW AVAILABLE @ Here's the first excerpt

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Moreover, the real medicine is, as we know, within. I reaffirm that in the Ceremony of Life, we are all now facing a medicine journey. It’s not just the coronavirus, its change. The capitalist hierarchical 20th C lifestyle that we were unsustainably drifting along with as mother earth fights back is collapsing. The beginning of the end has arrived.

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