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In a Perfect World is hosting its annual fundraiser to pay for server costs. If you enjoy this show and the ideas herein, please paypal a contribution to: shazaman@ to support this podcast continuing! // The psychedelic and shamanic worlds are increasingly entering the public consciousness, and the building wave of interest in these fields have been seeded by consciousness explorers of the last generation, like Australian Julian Palmer. Join experiential journalist Rak Razam and Julian Palmer, author of the recent Articulations: On the Utilisations and Meanings of Psychedelics in a fictional interview discussing theoretical characters called Rak Razam and Julian Palmer engaging in hypothetical discussion about psychedelic issues. The fictional Palmer is a notorious Australian psychonaut, alchemist and rogue shamanic facilitator, the self-professed originator of the Changa-DMT blend. Here he talks about his long and deep experience with ayahuasca, DMT, acacias, hyperspatial entities, the global shamanic resurgence and the rebirth of consciousness, as well as his own legendary reputation within the Australian psychedelic scene. Palmer debates fundamental concepts like what is spirituality? What is correct duty of care? What is indigenous dogma and what can we take from modalities like ayahuasca and make our own? What is ‘God’ and which messengers does ‘he’ choose? Listen in to a pivotal, far-ranging and controversial, if fictional interview with a global psychedelic seeder, sharing the Secret Origin of Julian Palmer! For more info see:

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Standard Footer: This audio interview is an excerpt from the on-going real-time here-now science-fiction story “homomorphism”, the story is devoid of plot, characters and themes, which have been totally outsourced to the milieux of the listeners, what remains is merely some object-oriented linguistic super-glue. Just because the story is called “homomorphism”, it is neither asserted nor warranted in any manner that the story is homomorphic to the real-time reality of the theorised listeners. *