Greetings Planet Earth!

GREETINGS PLANET EARTH! DON’T PANIC! Dean Jefferys interviews Rak Razam on the exceptional times of emergency and emergence we find ourselves in and the similarities of the loss of control, ego retraction and release of buried energies to a medicine journey. Are we in a planetary ceremony? How can medicine people hold space for themselves and the collective as things disintegrate and something new is birthing through? How do we use the opportunity of global lockdown to go within in our chrysalis, to tap into each other through virtual connection and connect through the heart? Have we ever had this moment of Oneness, of going through the journey of grief from denial, fear, bargaining, trust and acceptance, letting go of the old ways, of his-story and the unsustainable separation from Gaia before? The global ceremony has begun. Seize the day. #ChooseLOVE!