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As a freelance journalist and editor for the emergent technology website Gizmag, I contributed over 100 articles throughout 2004, a small sample of which are represented here, along with other freelance feature articles.


Andy Warhol once said that in the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. Well move over Andy – the future has arrived with recent collaborations between communications giant Nokia and blogging innovator Six Apart which will create a powerful multimedia blogging experience for people who want to share their lives online – as they happen.

Mobile web logging is one of the most dynamic areas in content sharing today. Like a coral reef exuded by marine life, the digital landscape is being colonised by mobile phone owners using the expanded functionality of camera and video phones to capture the reality around them and upload it for a permanent, public digital record. Several trends are converging, making it not only possible but also easy to document your life and share it with others, from anywhere, said Barak Berkowitz, Six Apart’s CEO.

Use of camera phones is now widespread, and weblogging is being increasingly adopted by consumers. The ubiquity of Internet access makes it possible to remotely share your experiences with family and friends. By combining Six Apart’s TypePad and Nokia Lifeblog enhanced mobile capabilities, we’re making it easy for people to stay in touch no matter where they are.

Nokia Lifeblog is a mobile phone and PC application solution that keeps an organized multimedia diary of the items you collect with your mobile phone, but it is also further evolving into a indispensable tool for life sharing. Users will be able to upload multimedia like photos, videos, text messages, and multimedia messages to their TypePad account. TypePad’s enhanced set of media features have been designed by Six Apart and Nokia to enable blogging both with mobile phone and PC. TypePad’s award-winning personal publishing service provides a simple, elegant environment for people to communicate and share their life and the intuitive interface requires no installation or technical expertise. With these new enhanced mobile capabilities, users can more easily send photos and images directly from their mobile devices and digital camera phones and have them posted on the web in professionally created designs optimized for mixed media.

With the Nokia Lifeblog application and TypePad from Six Apart, we can help operators and other service providers to offer their customers the best possible mobile blogging experience, said Christian Lindholm, Director of Multimedia Applications, Nokia Ventures Organization. What happens once your life is permanently viewable online is then up to you!

Nokia Lifeblog can be used with the Nokia 7610 phone and later on with selected other Nokia Series 60 phones. Nokia Lifeblog 1.0 will be available during autumn 2004. The blogging capability of Nokia Lifeblog is based on the open ATOM standard, and will be available early 2005. For more information about Six Apart, TypePad and Movable Type, visit the Six Apart corporate weblog at