Advertising Copywriting

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I am a trained journalist, copywriter, editor and proofreader who can lend strategic advice to the planning and support of your business, website or product launch. I have had extensive experience writing for websites, corporate white papers and internal documentation; press-releases; advertising and all your PR needs. I have worked with a diverse set of clients including: BreadTV, Sensis, National Australia Bank (NAB), Mitsubishi, Sportsgirl, Mariposa, State Library of Victoria (SLV), Sustainability Victoria, Yamaha, Greening Australia, Spa Life, EarthNET and more.

I’m fast, efficient and an excellent communicator, and I look forward to working with you to bring your project to life.

Industry Experience: Financial Services, Banks, Credit Unions, Non-profit, Social Sector, Federal, State, Local Governments, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Telecommunications.


Advertising Copywriting samples (See advertising and Rich advertising, Melbourne)

Description: A mixed bag of samples of copywriting for advertising agency clients. Includes financial DM letters for National Australia Bank; copy for Mariposa homes housing brochure; a business TV website writing short business articles and profiles; writing for a bank Flash-application website; Mitsubishi car audio scripts; a white paper for an online publishing company structure.

Click here to download: advert_samples140139

Mirror on the World (

Description: Finely crafted prose for an educational website for the State Library of Victoria examining the history of books in their collection (2007). Involved research, editing, copywriting and liaison between clients and management.

Click here to download: slv-samples140147

Sustainability Victoria: Technical document for sustainable industry client

Description: Case study for a sustainable industry document. Required interviewing engineers and synthesising data and outcomes reports.

Click here to download: sv_see140141

EarthNET webTV – competitors analysis

Description: Detailed research and analysis of the playing field for a client setting up a video hosting news service based in Australia but with global reach. Involved research of the competitors to company template, looking at strengths and weaknesses and then implementing suggestions for the company structure based on the analysis.

Click here to download: earthnet140949

BreadTV – Ethical management document – research and write

Description: Detailed research report written for the small business TV program Bread TV’s website. Involved research of the business market and the subject of ethical management. Approximately three hours from initial brief to completion.

Click here to download: breadtv140952

EnTrance magazine – Operations Manuals

Description: As a versatile journalist and non-fiction writer I have also written various white paper and operations manuals for corporate clients. This has involved intensive consultation with each client to discuss their business and internal structuring needs, and heavy research across a wide range of internal documentation to synthesise the best and simplest operations manual possible for that business. The benefits of an external reader/ writer includes the ability to see the business objectively and from a fresh perspective, allowing for new insights and condensation of information and structure that may be invisible or blocked by in-house staff that have a pre-existing attachment to the material.

Included here are operations manuals written for Entrance Digital Magazine outlining a complex structure of online Creative Content Management for outsourced contributors from around the world.