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I have been a freelance writer for over ten years and in that time I have enjoyed working in diverse genres and with a gamut of clients, from the corporate world to the activist, from the fringes of the counterculture to the bastions of the establishment.

These days I like to specialise in editing and ghostwriting books for private clients, as well as keeping my hand in as a freelance journalist and copywriter. I also offer facilities including Print On Demand (POD) publishing through my new publishing imprint Icaro and full post-press management and marketing advice. That is, I can nurture a project from initial idea to printed book in your hands.

I do Skype conferences and consultations and email documents back and forth with clients. My rates are AUD $40 hr, but with the Aussie dollar slide this is quite competitive (!) A book is also a big project and can take some time, but I work on an hourly basis as needed, moving the project forward and streamlining costs to contact hours. I’m very versatile and as well as being an author myself and understanding those demands, I am also a trained editor and can nurture your style and ‘voice’ towards the market.

I have a proven track record with past clients that have secured top name agents and publishing deals through using my services.

You can download my full resume here: writing_resume_rak_0608 or follow the links below for a range of my writing samples:

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