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Aya: Awakenings full panel discussion, Santa Cruz, Feb 8, 2014


The full Santa Cruz after panel of the Aya: Awakenings screening Sat Feb 8, 2014, with host Rak Razam, author Robert Forte, David Jay Brown, psychoanalyst Meriana Dinkova and neuroscientist Dr. Juan Acosta. Is ayahuasca reaching out to embrace the world? Are we romanticizing the commodification of this sacred vegetal medicine? Can the wisdom of aya overcome the ego of some jungle shamans, or the egos of us Westerners? Can you make love on ayahuasca, and what are the dogmas and what are the facts? Is ayahuasca becoming a global religion or a global fad? Watch the film Aya: Awakenings here: http://www.aya-awakenings.com/watch