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Jungle Fever


Aya: Awakenings on Reset.me …. In the documentary Aya: Awakenings, experiential journalist Rak Razam journeys into the world and visions of Amazonian shamanism. In this 16-minute excerpt from the film exclusive to Reset.me, titled “Jungle Fever,” Razam ventures into the jungle to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony with a group of fellow Westerners…

Why Do Some Hallucinogens Cause Universal Hallucinations?


Why do some ‪#‎hallucinogens cause universal hallucinations? NY periodical Hopes and Fears takes a look, with answers by a wide array of commentators, including Rak Razam.

Read article HERE.

Panel – The Rise Of La Madre: Ayahuasca Beyond The Amazon


Synopsis: While the origins of Ayahuasca use in the Amazon Basin remain lost in the mists of prehistory, La Madre came to the attention of the modern western world during the 1960’s, most notably through the work of authors William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg and the Ethnobotanist/Biologist Richard Evans Schultes. Since then, La Madre has spread her tendrils well beyond the Amazon as part of a largely underground spiritual renaissance. This discussion panel will explore its global cultural impact. Panelists: Bia Labate, Alex Gearin, Rak Razam, Mudge, Katia Honour, A. Spengler & Facilitated by Steve McDonald.

Rak Razam // 5-MeO Feedback Loop


A spoken word riff from shamanic explorer Rak Razam talking about his 5-MeO-DMT experience in 2006. The drop rejoins the ocean. The void is pregnant with vibrational possibility. The Source is continually broadcasting – do you have the bandwidth to listen? To remember? Underneath the play of forms, we are all One… Video compile by: James vW

Seekers of the Mystery


Ten years ago this June experiential journalist Rak Razam took his virgin trip down to the Amazon to explore the mythic archetype of ‪#‎ayahuasca and the role of the ‪#‎shaman in the 21st Century, a journey which became the book Aya: Awakenings A Shamanic Odyssey, and later the critically acclaimed documentary of the same name.

In this extended audio narration you’ll hear the original reading from the book launch at Sera Phi, San Francisco on Sept 28, 2009, which later formed the sonic backbone of the film’s narration. So sit back and listen: “But what science cannot explain is the psychic effect of this “mother of all plants,” the sense of the numinous and the spiritual world it reportedly opens up. Those who drink say that each ayahuasca journey is unique. They say that the spirit of the vine comes alive, it guides and teaches, and on the other side nothing is ever the same. Or so they say.”

Click HERE to listen to the audio

The Shamanic Toad Panel Discussion


Panel discussion with Dean Jefferys, Rak Razam, Dan Schreiber and Jewelli Deva about the Bufo Alvarius Toad and 5-MeO-DMT culture and discussion on issues covered in Dean Jefferys new documentary: ‘The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad” for more info and to donate to the crowd funding campaign see www.thegodmoleculemovie.com

Full Spectrum Consciousness


As psychedelics are cautiously re-embraced back into the medical fold:

  • What of their other social, spiritual and consciousness potentials?
  • Are the man-made psychedelics psychic lubricants that have made possible the distributed consciousness of 21st century life?
  • Are these substances meant to reconnect us to nature at a time when material-based consciousness has ecologically devastated the environment?
  • Can strategic immersion into multi-dimensional hyperspace help change the world?
  • Can we use altered states as a form of psychedelic activism?
  • Is enhanced consciousness a political act?
  • Can we achieve Full Spectrum Consciousness in the face of the military-industrial-entertainment complex’s attempt to subjugate life as we know it?
  • How can we not?

Introducing the Terra Incognita


Introducing TERRA INCOGNITA: The Martin Ball interview. This was a groundbreaking interview with Martin Ball on his Entheogenic Evolution podcast discussing the new NGO, The Terra Incognita Project, tryptamines, 5-MeO-DMT science, shamanism and neuroshamanism, how we call all join and support this movement working with this sacred medicine.

Tantric Shamanism and Ethical Porn


Rak Razam helped hold space on the latest episode of the ‪#‎TantraPunk podcast for a very interesting discussion! : “In this episode I am joined again by legendary journalist, shamanologist, and in my humble opinion the most important male voice in the global neo-shamanic revolution: Rak Razam! It was an exquisite joy and honor to have him hold space for me to lay out my thesis on tantra, shamanism, and the future of the adult entertainment industry. As a probing journalist and seasoned shamanic guide he facilitates a sapio-sexually charged journey that truly satisfies my desire to make a memorable episode “69″.”

Click HERE to listen to the audio

A love song to the Beloved


I feel you flirting with me
Tickling spirit pollen infusion
God’s pheromone wafting in
Species activiation
It’s the ON switch
And there you are
Endless, diffuse, cloud of light
Intelligent, distributed, loving
and ruthlessly powerful
You are TOO MUCH
For little me to bear
I wither from your grace
your siren call to join you
Be you
intoxicating knowing truth beheld
felt in every fibre of my being
No separation-undulating-endless
I am that which is
A beach sculpted by your waves
A lifetime of erosion
Wooing me to your core
One day––

Click HERE to listen to the audio.