Dream Time Toads at the End of Time

What is DreaMTime consciousness, and how do plants, toads and humans relate to it? Is the planet excreting the unfolding of unity consciousness? Do the Australian cane toads and the Sonoran Desert Toad, literally dream the landscape into being? Can the toads activate endogenous DMT and the visionary state in our own bodies simply via their sonic icaros? What is the difference between ayahuasca and yage, and how does it relate to the various types of tryptamines in nature and our own brain? Can a tribal darkness ritual reset the body and the soul via a tryptamine cascade? Can the toads really be entheogenic caretakers between the land and us humans, and is LOVE really ALL THERE IS? Find out in the ultimate discussion on 5-MeO-DMT with Dan Schreiber and experiential journalist Rak Razam… For more info: http://www.starseedgardens.com.

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