Better Rak


Dear Tribe,

I need your help! As some of you may know I have been reporting on and engaging with psychedelic, shamanic and consciousness culture for nine years now, starting in Jan 2006 with my coverage of Albert Hofmann’s 100th birthday symposium in Basel, Switzerland.

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As gonzo reporter at large for Australian Penthouse, I covered a range of topics over the next few years, later reprinted in the ‘world’s best psychedelic anthology’, the Journeybook, which I edited, from

My travels to Peru in search of the mythic archetype of the shaman resulted in the now cult classic book, Aya: Awakenings, which in 2014 became a feature documentary of the same name I wrote and produced, bringing the visionary and spiritual nature of ayahuasca and DMT to theatres across America, and Video On Demand globally. My monthly podcast show In a Perfect World is coming up to it’s 100 episode interviewing cutting edge new paradigm leaders and sharing knowledge and awareness of the deeper nature of reality. I have lectured and hosted panels and events at Burning Man, MAPS and psychedelic conferences around the world, and represented our culture in mainstream media with integrity and sensitivity.

For almost a decade I have freely shared my thoughts–and hopefully wisdom–with you, my audience at every turn, offering much of my media output as free content on the internet in one form or another. You may not realize the extent of this media, as there has never been a single repository for the output to be seen, and this needs to change.

I am asking your help to “Build a better Rak”, and to be part of this crowdsourcing campaign. The core focus is to revamp into a full media hub portal, to offer all the content that is spread across the web in the form of audio, videos, links, interviews, articles, etc, and host it for permanent record. There are literally hundreds of content pieces that need to be consolidated, and I want to be able to build a site that better communicates with the world, SEO and RSS enabled, etc. to connect with the growing consciousness community out there, and show them the historical record of our re-emerging culture I have been documenting.

I want to step up and groom existing content for multiple platforms, to take the hundreds of hours of cutting edge podcasts, for instance, and turn them into a YouTube channel, to create text transcripts of talks and interviews, and to edit videos previously unseen. I want to have a platform to host the further hundreds and hundreds of hours of unpublished content, the intimate behind the scenes conversations, meetings, reporting and dreamings between myself and the global tribe over the last few years, and offer it as exclusive content for you, my audience.

And to do that, I want to form a deeper relationship with you. If you’ve been following my work over the years, you will know I have the goods, and constantly produce thought-provoking media to share. I want to offer an subscription to me, Rak Razam, and the media I produce. I want–and need–your direct support in this. For US $25 a year (that’s just under 50c a week!) your patronage will support me to continue to make the media, report on our burgeoning consciousness culture, and have the freedom to focus on making art. It will also support the revised website and the ongoing curation of content to get out to wider audiences, across multiple platforms. And it will allow me to focus on making new projects, bold and worthwhile media projects that I promise, will blow you away!

For all of my career I have self funded my art because I believe in the value of what I produce. I have come to the stage where I need to make how I do what I do sustainable, or step away from the intensity of my commitment. Most artists are in the same financial situation, and those of us with established communities of audience need your patronage. As in times of old, direct patronage of artists is the best way to sustain art. If you like what I do, I need you to support me. A minimum critical mass of just 1,000 subscribers would empower and transform the way I make art in the world and how I successfully communicate it.

An annual subscription to is the easiest way, and in return you will receive weekly exclusive content–audio, video, private notes, writings, art, etc, in your subscriber feed. I’m really excited about this, because for all the monthly interviews that go out, I regularly have about 10:1 background content pieces that have had no outlet. This is the real experiential journalism, the intimate conversations and the real gold, not just out takes, and I want to share them with you. I want you to come on this journey with me, week by week, as I report on, map, and discover the new paradigm forming all around us, the ULTRACULTURE forming from the foundations of the old world.

Join me! This crowdfunding campaign offers some exciting rewards in exchange for your donation to the campaign, in addition to the subscription level ‘reward’. I ask you to help share the campaign, and introduce new people to my work. With the resurgence of interest in medical psychedelics, the booming ayahuasca movement in the West, and the urgency for spiritual connection and consciousness expansion, potentially millions of new people are ‘switching on’. Much of my work offers context, insight–and hope–for what we are living through, and the potentials of these modalities to connect us once more to spirit, healing, and right relationship with each other and the planet.

I sincerely believe that helping raise awareness around consciousness issues helps raise consciousness itself. The ‘Building a Better Rak’ campaign, then, isn’t just about me, or the media I make–its about us, and what we can become. When you support me by subscribing, or donating, or sharing the links, you are strengthening the foundations of what I do, and how I can best help facilitate our psychic and spiritual growth as a culture.

This is a dance, at times fast, at other times slow and intimate, and I look forward to sharing the dance with you!

Let’s change the world, together!


Rak Razam