Ayahuasca Retreats – Peru

If you’ve read the book or seen the film, you’ll know that ‘Aya: Awakenings‘ takes you on a journey of shamanic discovery into the heart of the Amazon and the powerful plant medicine ayahuasca. Now you can be part of the awakening with these special 10-day healing retreats in April, June, Sept and Dec 2015 with Writer-Producer Rak Razam and legendary curandero Percy Garcia Lozano.

This will be an intensive medicine plant-retreat designed to introduce you to ayahuasca and the healing it can provide on physical, psychological and spiritual levels. You will be guided by Percy over five ayahuasca ceremonies to awaken to your own inner nature, with deep healing supported by dietas with different medicine plants and/or other healing work as needed. Percy’s shamanic work is based on the highest ethical standards, including personal integrity on every level. He makes a special effort to create a peaceful and safe environment in which the healing process can be more successful. Small numbers of clients enable Percy to follow and monitor the entire healing process of guests from the moment they come until the moment they leave.

Facilitator, Rak Razam says: “I’m delighted to be going full circle back to where it all began to lead ayahuasca retreats under the integral guidance of curandero Percy Garcia. I want to do something very special with these retreats, and blend my own knowledge and wisdom of the ayahuasca-shamanic-resurgence with the larger process of awakening I see happening in our Western culture. Between ceremonies I’ll be lecturing on consciousness and evolution, the Western understanding and history of altered states and the new paradigm that unifies it all together. I’ll be leading group discussions for deeper integration of the process we’ll all be going through, and developing individual plans with each participant to maximize their awakening process. Special attention will be given to integration and anchoring your experiences towards meaningful change so you can return empowered and with clear direction in your life.”

Come on a Hero’s Journey of departure, initiation and return with our three ayahuasca shamans–Percy Garcia, Ron Wheelcok and Borka Cafuk–opening up, breaking through and cleaning you out on a psychic and energetic level, and Meriana Dinkova and I will be lecturing on consciousness issues and teaching how to navigate altered states and integrate the experience.